Video Equipment Rental

Encourage the Creativity of Growing Children

Parents, teachers, and community members all want children to be intelligent and successful. The emphasis is on intelligence above all else. Creativity, working with the hands, or developing talent is not encouraged unless the results culminate into a State trophy for the sports program. Not every child is a genius, has a head for business, or wants to go to college.

These Days

Today, a college degree is no guarantee of a successful future or even a job upon graduation. The world is changing as is the economy. There is more room for creativity and diverse talents in a global economy. It is time to encourage children to explore their creativity. One way to do that is to provide the space and equipment that allows them to express themselves.

Making Videos

The popularity of making all types of videos has been rising since social media has become the rage in society. Everyone has access and ability to upload amateur music videos, homemade tutorials, short films, funny videos, and examples of artistic talent. Foster that interest by finding video rental equipment at affordable pricing. Book studio time and hire a professional crew for a day. Offer to arrange proper lighting for maximum effect.

School Projects

Instead of a science fair or debate team, offer a course or after school program in production techniques. Teach middle school or high school kids to formulate a complete idea and decide how to present it to the public. Take a field trip to a studio, have a crew member demonstrate some of the equipment, and allow time for questions. The trip would incur minimal cost, such as video equipment rental and a professional for an hour or two.

A local company may be willing to offer a discount or provide free use of the studio. This can be turned into a regional experience to spread out the costs among the whole school district. Each school can create a short film or music video to present to parents and the public. Charge three dollars for admission and offset the costs of the program. The participate rate and interest among students will surprise most adults.