I'm a programmer student at The Game Assembly in Malmö looking for an internship. I am a bit of a generalist but gameplay programming is my favorite part.




Tree Generator


Online Survival Game



3D platformer15 weeks 50% ‣ 18 people

Seventh and latest project at The Game Assembly. This game was made in our own game engine with Jak & Daxter as reference. In this project, I worked a lot with bugs and small fixes like making nodes for our node editor. Here are some of the features I added to the game and the engine:

  • Camera:

    • Can be rotated around player with mouse.

    • Starts to rotate depending on the player's velocity when the mouse has been still for a while.

    • Moves closer to the player when an object interferes.

    • First person camera that can be used with mouse and WASD in editor.

  • Locking and hiding the mouse cursor.

  • Pausing the game (in game and in editor).

Mecha Maki

Schmup ‣ 8 weeks 50% ‣ 14 people

Third project at The Game Assembly made in the school's in-house engine Tga2D. The main things I worked on include:

  • Sound.

  • Collisions.

  • Player movement.

  • Pickups and power ups.

  • Playing VFX.

2D Platformer Controller

2D platformer Spare timeSolo

A project made in Unity. I wanted to make a good 2D platformer controller. It sticks to uneven terrain and slopes affect your speed depending on their angle. You also start to slide if they are steep enough or have the mud material as seen in the GIF. The jump and fall speed are controlled by customizable curves and jump height depends on your velocity.

Escape Plan E

VR escape room~1 week8 people

A VR game made in LBS, created with Unity. Unfortunately I can not record real VR gameplay. I worked with making objects grabbable, but I also worked a lot on building the level, animations and making particle effects which can be seen in the GIF. I also edited and added sounds to the game. The goal with this project was to make it as immersive as possible and give this it a certain atmosphere.

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