Visual Data Analysis Laboratory


  • Our laboratory is looking for new talented students. [more] (2019/07/11)

Visual Data Analysis (ViDA) Laboratory is a research group at Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) and led by Ko-Chih Wang (王科植). The main research directions of ViDA are large-scale data analysis & visualization, high-performance computing, computer graphics, and machine learning. We conducts cutting-edge research in data visualization for scientific and information data analysis. Visualization research is at an intersection of data analysis, computer graphics and large-scale data handling, and has been playing increasingly important role in many applications. Our research has two main branches. One is scientific data visualization and the other one is information data visualization. Scientific data visualization focuses on visualizing data from scientific simulation and solving the large-scale data problem in computational science. Information data visualization builds visual tools to facilitate applications such as social network, machine learning, questionnaire, transaction, and traffic data analysis. For more details of ViDA's research, please check the Research page.