VHHS Robotics

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Welcome to the Verdugo Hills High School Robotics team website.

We meet every Monday & Tuesdays (during robotics season) after school until 5pm.

Positions Available:

  • Builders
    • The core of the team are the builders, these people build the robot and make adjustments according to practice and testing. These members will troubleshoot and repair mechanical problems at meeting and competition days. These people will also be responsible for the well being of the robot and its operational status.
  • Programmers
    • The behind the scenes work that makes the robot move (literally) is the programming of the robot. The programming language is done off of Java or C/C++ syntax. If you know these languages, or making apps on android platform, come join us! If you consider yourself a programmer and know any other languages, you will also be of great help.
  • Designers
    • Designers of the robot will help in the brainstorm the making of the robot. This process is the unsung hero of making a great robot. This role will also help in documenting and building the robot building process. If you are great at drawing this is for you!
  • Social/Promotions
    • If you thought that robotics club is just for nerds and geeks, YOU ARE WRONG! This role is important to help promote our team on social media platforms. Also you would be talking to other teams with the goal to establish beneficial relationships that will help the team in alliance section. You will know about that later.
  • Wiring/Electronics
    • The wiring and electronics member will help in the wiring and connections of modules and necessary motors and sensors. If you took Physics 1 or planning to, this would be a great position to join.
  • Secretaries
    • One of the most important roles in the robotics club is to complete and update the engineering notebook. Secretaries will work with others to help complete this notebook. The competition of FIRST is not just the robot, but also the engineering notebook.