Taiwan Tech

Vincent F. Yu

Professor, Department of Industrial Management

Professor, Graduate Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing Technology

Director, Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management Laboratory

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan Tech)

Visting Scholar, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Portland State University

Tel: (886) 2 2737 6333

Fax: (886) 2 2737 6344

E-mail: vincent@mail.ntust.edu.tw; vyu@pdx.edu

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Research Interests



Undergraduate: Operations Research

Graduate: Linear Programming, Combinatorial Optimization, Optimization Models and Applications, Business Logistics and Supply Chain Optimization

EMBA: Business Decision Analysis and Performance Evaluation, Global Logistics Management, Industrial 4.0 Case Studies

Past Courses

Undergraduate: Logistics Management Information System, Logistics System Analysis Software, Global Logistics Management, International Logistics, Business Software Applications, Introduction to Computers, Calculus

Graduate: Express Service Planning, Soft Computing, Production System Design, Project Management, Logistics Network Programming

EMBA: Global Logistics, Logistics Decision Analysis