VET PI Sessions


These are pre-recorded sessions, designed to give you the freedom to access valuable VET content whenever you feel like it.

VET, P.I. Series - Professional Information for Busy VET Practitioners

VET PD Group is serious about:

  • facilitating communications and ideas from VET practitioners;
  • encouraging sharing of educational strategies for all teaching/training and learning methodologies; and
  • promoting overall increase of capability within Australia's VET sector.

That's why we've decided to offer the VET P.I. sessions for FREE. Codes are listed to access the viewings.

This recording as it takes you through examples of how to create best-practice observation checklists – that are actually checklists for observable behaviours.

Designed to shed light on various mapping styles, view this VET P.I. Session to see some of the variations in mapping out there, and what makes mapping effective rather than ineffective.

This 10-minute session talks about the differences of 'valid' as it applies in the Principles of Assessment and Rules of Evidence. The concept is then linked back to various validation processes.

Observation Checklists:

Free Access Code = 38203

Effective Mapping:

Free Access Code = 62020

Valid and Valid:

Free Access Code = 85759

Set aside approximately 10 minutes for this recording as it takes you through examples of what are reasonable, reasonable adjustments

Reasonable Adjustment:

Free Access Code = 95934

Source: VET PI Sessions use a small portion of the Magnum PI theme song by M. Post and P. Carpenter