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*These events are hosted by a number of different organisations active in the VET Sector

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Oct 2019

16/10 Why WAS my TAS compliant but now it's not?: Velg

16/10 Managing Enrolment Practices: InSources

17/10 Teaching Your People How to Fish: How learning by doing can empower your team: AITD

21/10 NVPDW: The What, Why, Who, How and When of Reasonable Adjustment: Velg Training

21/10 Using Other Parties in Observation Based Tasks - Assessment: Live!: vetr

21/10 Increasing student engagement and maintaining momentum: ITECA

22/10 NVPDW: Back to Basics - How does a unit of competency really work? Velg Training

22/10 End of Year reporting 2019 - skills First: AVETMESS

22/10 Managing Course Completion and Certification: Insources

22/10 Simulated Workplace Tasks - Assessment: Live!: vetr

22/10 Communication Skills for Trainers: Insources

22/10 Coaching and Mentoring Case Studies: AITD

22/10 Staying current as an Industry VET Trainer: ITECA

23/10 NVPDW: RPL: What IS the Professional Conversation? Velg Training

23/10 Recognition of Prior Learning - Assessment: Live!: vetr

23/10 Quality Outcomes for Students: ITECA

24/10 Creating Optimal Learning Experiences: ITECA

24/10 NVPDW: LLN Testing - Keeping it simple and getting it right: Velg Training

25/10 Developing and Encouraging a Quality Culture: ITECA

25/10 NVPDW: Designing Compliant Simulations in Assessment Tools: Velg Training

25/10 NVPDW: Complimentary Wrap Up Webinar

28/10 Digital Assessment Essentials - Assessment: Live!: vetr

29/10 Digital Assessment Mastery - Assessment: Live!: vetr

29/10 Managing Volume of Learning: Insources

29/10 Managing RTO's Compliance: Insources

30/10 Context: What exactly is it?: Velg Training

30/10 Trialling Tools - Assessment: Live!: vetr

Nov 2019

04/11 Trainer and Assessor Mentoring: The Essentials: Velg Training

05/11 Mapping Training and Assessment: InSources

07/11 Volume of Learning - Demystified: AVETMESS

07/11 Powerful Steps to Working Smarter for your RTO: Do More & Stress Less: Velg Training

12/11 Managing Assessment Practices: InSources

12/11 Understanding LLN requirements at enrolment: vetr

12/11 Humanised Learning: Velg Training

13/11 Managing Validations: InSources

14/11 Validating Online Assessments: VDC

18/11 Is an LLN assessment enough to meet the requirements of Standard 1.7?: The VET Gurus

18/11 Skills First: Claiming for Withdrawals: AVETMESS

19/11 Unpacking Foundation Skills: vetr

19/11 Rectifying Non-Compliances following an ASQA audit: InSources

19/11 Preparing for the assessment: Velg Training

19/11 Gathering quality evidence: Velg Training

19/11 Supporting the candidate: Velg Training

19/11 Making the assessment decision: Velg Training

19/11 Recording and reporting assessment: Velg Training

20/11 Meeting Trainer Requirements: InSources

22/11 Validation of Judgements: VDC

26/11 Suggested Evidence for Audit: InSources

26/11 AATIS General Webinar: AATIS

26/11 Simple Assessment Design (SAD) - When SAD makes you happy: ITECA

27/11 Language, Literacy and Numeracy - Classroom Practices: vetr

28/11 Assessment Questions for AQF Levels: VDC


02/12 What's changed in the revised Foundation Skill Training Package (FSK): Velg Training

03/12 Incorporate Foundation Skills into Training: Velg Training

04/12 Criteria to buy Assessment Tools for RTOs: InSources

04/12 Understanding RTO's Regulations: InSources

04/12 Assessment of Foundation Skills: Velg Training

05/12 Managing Industry Consultation: InSources

05/12 LLN with Lime: A zesty twist to the usual areas of student support: Velg Training

06/12 What do Foundation Skills mean to the general Trainer and Assessor: Velg Training

10/12 Marketing and Advertising Regulations for RTOs: InSources

11/12 Evaluating learning programs: InSources

11/12 How to demonstrate Trainers' Industry Currency: InSources

17/12 Session Planning: InSources

18/12 Communication Skills for Trainers: InSources

18/12 Managing Volume of Learning: InSources


(date, topic, location)

Oct 2019

17/10 Facilitation Skills MasterClass: Adelaide

17/10 Breaking through the Brick Wall to reach every Teacher: Coaching Coaches: Brisbane

17/10 Future of VET teaching: Darwin

18/10 The flipped classroom - A blended learning model: Brisbane

21/10 RTO Compliance For CEOs and Managers: Brisbane

21/10 AATIS Information session: Melbourne

21/10 Cert IV in Training & Assessment TAE40116: Brisbane

22/10 Adult Learning Skills: Brisbane

23/10 Needs Analysis and Evaluation Essentials: Sydney

23/10 AATIS Information session: Perth

23/10 A Chatbot Study: Creating Impact with Learner Transfer: Melbourne

24/10 Evaluate and Manage training and education in VET: Sydney

24/10 Design Thinking and L&D Networking: Sydney

25/10 Lead Assessment Validations: Vic

28/10 Essentials for the Internal Auditor: Melbourne

28/10 Validations Boot Camp - Mapping: Adelaide

29/10 Training Room Essentials: Adelaide

29/10 Validations Boot Camp - Tools: Adelaide

29/10 AATIS Information session: Launceston

29/10 Vocational Institutions, Undergraduate Degrees - Interim Report LAUNCH: Melbourne

30/10 Address Non-Compliance in Assessments: Melbourne

30/10 AATIS Information session: Hobart

31/10 Instructional Design Essentials: Melbourne

Nov 2019

06/11 Managing Difficult Conversations: Melbourne

07/11 AATIS Information session: Sydney

07/11 Presentation Skills MasterClass: Adelaide

11/11 Adult Learning Essentials: Perth

12/11 Engaging Students with Low Level English Skills: Melbourne

12/11 Validations Boot Camp - Mapping: Perth

12/11 Facilitation Skills MasterClass: Sydney

13/11 Validations Boot Camp - Tools: Perth

14/11 The Training and Assessment Strategy is Your Roadmap!: Western Australia

18/11 Cert IV in Training & Assessing TAE40116: Brisbane

19/11 Addressing Dyslexia and Specific Learning Disorders in the Classroom: Melbourne

21/11 2019 Australian Training Awards: Brisbane

21/11 AATIS Information session: Brisbane

21/11 Evaluate and Manage training and education in VET: Sydney

22-23/11 AusAPT National Conference: Melbourne

26/11 Needs Analysis and Evaluation Essentials: Sydney

Jan 2020

13/01 Validations Boot Camp - Tools: Gold Coast

01/10 Validations Boot Camp - Judgements: Gold Coast

Upcoming Conferences

(month, location, name and host, dates)

October 2019 - Brisbane - International Flipped Learning Conference - 18-19.10.19

October 2019 - Sydney - VET Training & Assessment Summit: Insources - 23-25.10.19

November 2019 - Seville, Spain - 12th annual International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation - 11-13.11.19

November 2019 – Brisbane - CCA Annual Conference 2019 – 18/19.11.19

**SAVE the DATE** Digital Learning Day 2020 - 27.2.20

Michelle from VET PD Group will be presenting at:

Validations Boot Camps around Australia

We like to be flexible in responding to practitioner demand. In cases where there is enough interest registered to host additional events, we will add these to our professional development offerings. When this happens, we'll communicate these via website announcements and direct email.

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