The Dog Walk

The fashion runway for our dogs.

A quick look at some of our clients winter apparel. Quilt-kerchiefs just for fun and of course that holiday photo.

Our Green Mountain coat line is designed for the specific needs of your companion. The Slicker for rainy days, the Sport for late fall or spring, and of course the Extreme for the snow and cold.

Snowsuits are also available but are limited to Studio Only orders. The snowsuit with or without boots require your companion to be available for a measurement session and one or two fittings. Poodle Snowsuits have Polartec Fleece stretch legs.

A romp in the woods

The Sport

Picture time.

Quilt-kerchiefs (Reveresible of course)

It might be raining but I am nice and dry.

Gortex Rain Slicker

A perfect fit

Snowsuit with boots

Fittings can be so tiring

The Extreme

Do I really want boots??

Snowsuit with harness

The Extreme and Snowsuit

(Note the stretch legs on the Poodle Snowsuit - freedom of movement

So comfy.

The Sport

Need to keep my head and ears warm

The Extreme with Snood

Just exploring

The Snowsuit

Another look at the Poodle Snowsuit