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Isn’t it funny how most good things stem from the thought, “I wish we could...”?

Throughout the years, Ziggy, my daughter's Doberman Lab mix, wore various store bought coats and jackets. Even when he was young, this large dog with short hair didn’t exactly look forward to the cold Vermont winters. It seemed that many coats that were purchased were poorly designed, lacked high quality materials and did not take into account that dogs come in all shapes and sizes!

So one day my daughter asked if I could design a coat that would be comfortable and warm. Being a skilled seamstress I immediately thought, of course we can. So with the design help of my daughter and the patience of Ziggy we have. We played with fabrics. various designs, and subjected our dogs to many moments of measuring and fittings. The result became the cornerstone jacket of the Green Mountain line .

Thinking that there were likely other people out there who have encountered the same challenges, we decided to share our products. Our line continues to expand as we listen to our clients and meet the needs of our beloved dogs.

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Janet Dooley, Designer & Owner

phone: (802) 893-7960 or (802) 598-9219


Karyn Carstensen, Design Consultant

Inspired by the pets we have loved

Love this coat.