VtK9 Design Studio

Now that you have ordered your coat or snowsuit, it's time to get your dog's measurements. This can be fun but it can be a bit confusing. I do request you email me a photo or two of your companion as it gives me valuable information for the design process. Remember all coats and snowsuits are made to your dog's measurements so please be sure to double check them. It is important that the measurements are accurate for a good fit. I have created 2 videos to show you how to measure your dog. Please watch them before you begin the Coat and Snowsuit Measurement form.

  • Now for the videos:
    • The first is for everyone who is ordering any dog coat or snowsuit and it's the Basic Measurements
    • The second is for those that are ordering a snowsuit or snowsuit with booties and it's the VtK9 Dog Snowsuit Measurements. (Don't forget to also do the Basic Measurement)

If you have any questions, please email or call me.

That being said, with a tape measure in hand, your dog by your side, and dog treats to enhance the experience, click on the Coat and Snowsuit Measurements form to measure and submit your dog's measurements. I cannot start the coat or snowsuit until I know exactly what you want and your dog's measurements. Please don't forget to send me a photo or two.