VenueFox is a virtual company who prioritizes in decorating houses and other venues for holidays, parties, weddings, sweet sixteens, and much more. Decorations will be brought, set up, and taken down all through one purchase. Any decoration that is damaged or broken after set up is complete, must be paid for by the customer.

VenueFox: We Do It For You

Beginner Subscription


3 month subscription of amazing decorations for any occasion.

Limit to 5 holidays or events.

Intermediate Subscription


Quality decorations at affordable prices for 7 months.

Limit to 7 holidays and events.

Master Subscription


Only the best of the best for our one-year subscribers!

Limit to 12 holidays and events.


This Is A Virtual Enterprise Website;

All items and services on this website are completely virtual. They cannot and should not be paid for with real currency. If you wish to make a purchase, you must be affiliated with Virtual Enterprise Firm and have access to the virtual USD provided by Virtual Enterprises International.