Venture Mentoring

Turn your innovation into a solid business case through expert advice supports startup projects from the Basel region and from abroad to establish business in the Basel area through an expert mentoring program, relocation and real estate services and by providing access to the local ecosystem and introductions to key partners, suppliers and distrubutors. How all this ties together is illustrated by the medtech case study below from 2018.


Venture Mentoring by provides rapid access to expert advice free of charge to help you shape a solid business case from your innovative technology or business model. During individually prepared meetings, you will receive recommendations from industry experts, entrepreneurs and consultants to close information gaps in your business case on short notice and better define your venture's risk-reward profile. Learn more about the topics covered.

As a core service of the Venture Mentoring program is part of our startup acceleration programs as well as a standalone service for high-tech projects from the Basel region. We welcome ventures at the pre-seed to seed funding stage, projects on the verge of incorporation or those with clear plans to secure an IP position and/or develop a prototype. For innovators from or affiliated to the Basel region, this service is free of charge. Hear what others say about the program.

We address high-tech innovations with a chance for economic protection mainly in medtech, diagnostics, digital health and industry 4.0. Also eligible are game-changing innovations in any high-tech field as well as digitally transformed work processes or business models. Should you have questions contact us.

How to apply

The Venture Mentoring onboarding is continuous throughout the year to assure rapid and flexible operation. Please fill out the application form. We will get in touch with you shortly to initiate the following next steps.

Next Steps