Welcome to Dr. J. Venkatesan Sites


This webpage gives you the recent advances/technologies in organ developments using biomaterials and stem cell technology. The ultimate goal our research work is to create fully functional organ which can be transplantable in the human disease or failure organs.

I am Prof. J. Venkatesan and currently working as Assistant Professor in Yenepoya (Deemed to be) University Yenepoya Research centre, Mangalore and Karnataka.

Biomaterials and tissue engineering is multidisciplinary approach to develop the bioactive scaffolds for tissue engineered organ development and regenerative medicine using nanomaterials, polymers, ceramics, proteins and growth factors.

Tissue engineering has the potential to develop “Organ-in-Lab” with biomaterials incorporated with cells and biochemical cues. Biomaterials are expected to provide the key function in terms of mechanical strength and mimic natural functions of the tissue. Polymers, Ceramics, Proteins and Growth factors with different kind of methodologies are incorporated for the development of bioactive biomaterials for organ development.

Long term goal of our research is

·Fabrication of bioactive biomaterials to mimic the natural functions of tissue.

·Development of “Organ-in-Lab”/ “Organ-in-Plate”.

·Construction of Bio-bank using artificially developed organs.