Can the Veneers Be Whitened?

After getting your smile restored with the help of veneers, you may feel confident about it. However, it can also discolor over time. You may wonder how. Well, it is a worth discussing matter.

Reasons for the discoloration of veneers

The material used in the making of porcelain is either porcelain or composite resin. According to Canadian Dental Association, porcelain veneers do not get discolored pretty easily. However, same cannot be said for the veneers made of composite resin.

It is also the fact that composite resin doesn’t get stained as easily as natural teeth. However, it can happen with the passage of time. When the foods containing dark pigments of color are consumed, the discoloration can appear on the veneers made of composite resin. Such staining foods include coffee, tea and red wine. Since nicotine can also result in discoloration, smokers are usually found to have the white color of their composite resin veneers transformed into yellow or brown.

Is it possible to whiten the veneers?

After getting your composite resin veneers discolored, you may want to whiten these surfaces. However, you should keep it in mind that composite resin doesn’t respond to the teeth whitening procedures. Thus, it may be the good idea to talk to your dentist.

It could be worth mentioning here that just because you cannot whiten your composite resin veneers at home doesn’t mean that there is no way you can improve the looks of your veneers. You can talk to dental professionals in order to discuss options to improve the looks of your dental veneers.

While your dentist may be able to whiten veneers which would be discolored mildly, the severe discoloration may your dentist with no option other than replacing the veneers. Typically, the veneers made of composite resin can last up to 5 to 7 years before they could need to be replaced.

How to take care of your dental veneers

Remember, prevention is always better than treatment. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are taking care of your dental veneers in the best possible way. Typically, you can prevent discoloration of your dental veneers by following instructions for prevention of discoloration of natural teeth. You should avoid heavy consumption of coffee, tea and red wine. Moreover, there are certain teeth staining foods which you can avoid in order to keep your teeth white.

Moreover, you need to visit your dentist after every six months. These dental visits can save you thousands of dollars which you would spend on treatment of issues.