The First

Vegans & Vegetarians in NLP/AI/ML

Masala Dosa


Ever went hungry through that conference reception? Do you carry just-in-case snacks in your suitcase?

Vegan and vegetarians (and other folks with dietary restrictions) encounter fascinating challenges in many academic settings.


Everyone's welcome to join, including carnivores, omnivores, and people with a religious diet or any other dietary restrictions.


We'll exchange anecdotes and stories of our experiences as non-meat-eaters in pre-COVID academia.

We will also share tips -- and recipes! -- that will help us thrive in the post-COVID, post-Zoom world :)

When and where?

Nov 17 14:00-15:00 UTC

Organizer(s): Boaz @Shmueli. Can you help? Wish to see your name here? Just shoot me an email!

Header photo: vegan breakfast at Café Anastasia, Tel Aviv