Music Modernisation Act

Proves yet again that the law is not serving it's purpose, and will never be able to recover from the lack of innovation required to keep up with current markets.

Current Copyright law is written for a 2 dimensional business structure which remains incompatible with the 3D structure of the Internet.

Sours: De Vos & Partners

Adaptation is no longer an option

The Music Industry of 2018 is one of the most unviable and unstable Business Structures in the history of business, due to the fact that it is governed by common laws. These laws were written by experts of the physical structure, during it's years of development. For more than 100 years these laws have been active and created a unique structure that makes the Music Industry the only one in existence to not only depend on the Copyright law for it's viability, but is also governed by largest shareholders community ever.

This makes the Music Industry extremely vulnerable for technical innovation. The time it takes to adapt to new technology has proven to be longer than common reason suggests which brings us to a point on which the reach of the governing law can be challenged.

In order to challenge a law, there must be hard evidence to prove it's useless. However this is not entirely the case with Copyrights, because these rights were written for a specific market, and it should remain as is to serve this market. Many old Copyrights are still relying on these rights for their income, so we will not be effecting the current physical market.

Our purpose is to develop a new one that works parallel to the current market, only with a new set of rules that is designed to cultivate maintain and protect our market.

It is impossible to ignore International Copyright Laws

A great Judge once said: "Laws are made to serve humans, and not the other way around." Unfortunately I lost that case, however it thought me a great lesson. We as law-abiding citizens of this world are so used to live their lives according to laws, that we forget the purpose for which they were written. Common laws are written to protect communities, local businesses and even complete economies, however In the case of Copyrights it all boils down to one thing: MONEY

This is the one time that Greed actually works in favour of the structure, because if you act first, and apologies later with a pile of cash, than you as a burglar becomes the hero of the community. Sounds familiar?