Starting date: 1 Januari 2018

Our research history dates back to 1991 when we started our first business. Based on R&D we were able to use creative means to build our business turning 1.5 million revenue per year, in just 10 years. But during the 90s business was great, and innovation was just another challenge to keep the adrenaline going. In today's market, that is no more the case.

That is one of the main reason we switched to R&D this year in order to contribute to a market, that is no longer a market, but more of a hobby. A hobby that has been handed over to the Tech Giants leaving us with just enough to keep us quiet. Therefore we have decided to take a stand, and fight Techies with Techs. We believe by taking the first step others will follow, and pretty soon, we will not only win back what was ours in the first place, but also take a piece of the Tech-Pie we deserve.


Never before we had so much to offer to so many. Each project, we have been researching during the last 20 years. are now available for licensing or joint-ventures, increasing the chance of realisation exponentially. Therefor we are now more motivated than ever before, and welcome companies to join us, so together we can create history and defeat the techies on their own turf. Are you with us?

Synergy is the key to Innovation

Any one person can come up with a great idea. However it takes a group of people to take the idea and make it reality. That is exactly how all our concepts and ideas are written. That is why we also practically conduct our whole business in cloud, and use a variety of collaboration software to share and develop on ideas as they come up.

Ultra Flexible

Changing course after 23 years says it all when it comes to flexibility. Our eagerness to learn and innovate is fresh out of the box, filled with valuable information that can make the difference. Everything we can learn today, is one more compared to yesterday. In the end every babystep will turn into the leap we work for our entire lives, which we can pass on to the next generation with a note saying: We were there.

Website Under Construction

This website is a temporary solution to jumpstart our new business, while the construction of the official one is on the way. Sorry for the inconvenience.