The concept of conducting business in 3D Dimension (Dim)

Since the dawn of the Digital Age we have been struggling to create viable business models on the due to the fact that we as humans are programmed to think in 2 Dims. Therefore all forms of e-commerce are 2Dim structured. This is because of the laws which we require to be compliant with. If the law is written in 2Dim, we can not conduct business in 3Dims. Therefore it is essential that the necessary steps are taken in order to reach the point of Synergy.

Cause and Effect XYZ

X | Y | Z

The basic concept lyes in the ability to separate each D and and plot the structure of the model in order to get a visual representation of it's effectiveness. This will show any obstructions the model may have, which should be resolved or removed from the model.

X > Y > Z

Once all the 3 models have been optimised separately, the next step would be to determine the sequence on which the 3D model will fiction. Even if efficiency of each D is optimised, choosing the wrong sequence can cause new obstructions that were non existence before.

X > (Y) > Z (deactivated)

Now the sequence is place, the 3D structure must be subject to efficiency testing to determine what status each D should have to maximise profit. For example in the above equation (Y) is deactivated, even if Y is profitable and efficient on it's own. However once it's part of the 3D flow, it will cause an obstruction that has a negative effect on the overall result. By closing the D, there will be no businessmodel active in this dimension.

Examples for D (Deactivation)

          • Outsourcing
          • Jointventure
          • Agreement
          • Competition

More on 3 Dim Structure coming soon.