We don't think out of the box, we think in 3D

We are the First R&D company specialised in the Dance Music Sector

Our mission is to develop a complete new Sovereign Independent Music Business Structure within the Digital Domain which is regulated by it's own new DigiRights law.

Since the introduction of ADSL internet in 2003, the industry has been waiting for the adaptation of the Copyright laws, that permits the businessmodel to remain viable on the internet. At the time, everyone believes the internet will bring new opportunities that will contribute on the succes of the 90's. The problem that we did not take in consideration is the fact that, in order to innovate, there has to be a leader which others can follow. This brings the responsibility to innovate into the hands of the Major Record Labels, which are not the most innovating structures the rest of the industry can rely on.

Tech Giants on the other hand, did have the technology and the common sense to recognise the need for innovation and believed they can contribute with their technology. Unfortunately this turned out to be the biggest misconception of the smartest people on the planet, because music is not a commodity that can be bought and sold. It's a product of creativity and emotions, which has to groomed accordingly in order for it to grow. This is something that go's beyond digital coding which is turning to be a bigger challenge than the Techs had expected.

iDMU Union

Dance Music Industry has slowly become a hobby instead of a viable industry. Strings are being pulled into all directions, except the one we need. That is why it is time to take charge of our own market. The only way we will stand a chance, is if we unite into one strong "voice of many".

Blockchain is not the future. It's a small part of a much bigger picture we call

(3 Dimensional Digital Domain Business Structure)