The first and only EDM Research & Development Company

After 30 years of active participation, we have now chosen to use our vast knowledge and experience to introduce innovation to a market, that has been trailing market-developments since 2003. Our mission is to develop new processes and techniques, that will support the market of de new generation EDM Independent Record Labels and Producers by restoring the viability of their business model.

Independent Label Market

In 2003 Pirate downloading caused the market to loose more than 56% of its yearly revenue. This caused panic in the Independent Market, resulting into a market-shutdown. In just one year more than 85% of all Independents worldwide were affected and filed for bankruptcy. The 15% that survived had to struggle in a market which business-model was slowly becoming unviable.


Once Spotify took over a great portion of the marketshare in 2014, it contributed in the loss of 10% of the remaining Independents, leaving a mere 5% standing today.


These are some of the groundbreaking projects we are currently working on.

  • ICD Rights Generator for writers
  • Independent Label Market for business
  • Infringement Claims Solutions Copyrights
  • Viable new Licensing Options Royalty Free
  • MP3 Market Support against Stream
  • New Music Market for Facebook
  • Hash Blockchain Technology Integration
  • Blockchain Software Security
  • Repertoire Editor
  • Publisher Pro App

More than 85% of all major Artists come from Independent Labels

Major Record Labels like Sony, EMI, Polidor and Universal have a business model that is focused on the consumer. This means they will only sign up PERFORMING artists, as opposed to the Independent Label which model focuses on the RECORDING artists.

Once the Recording artist start climbing the top 40 charts, agents are the first to react due to the growing demand for live performances. This is how the Recording Artist will learn how to perform live. Once the live performance is perfected, the artist is then licensed to the Major by the Independent, forming the perfect Ecosystem, that maintained a balanced Industry during the Golden age (90s).

Our Strategy

Our strategy is based on our R&D experience, that spans over a number of decades. Other than common R&D companies, that offer their services per hour in search of new IP for their customers, we operate in the opposite direction. Our strategy is based on researching issues that simply cross our path. These are mostly sector-related, but can also be global. The main element that motivates our choice, is people.

Music Producers

For example: we have spend 5 years researching new ways to create a decent income for music Producers, while most are focusing on popular DJs. Professional producers are the key to creative new music, which DJs use for their performance. Due to the lack of income, most talented Producers resort to Sync, which leaves a gap of creativity in new music. That is why most DJ sets today are 80% reworks from the 90s.

MP3 (Piracy)

One of the most intense research we conducted over the years, which we started in 2005, is the issue of Piracy of MP3. This was the main reason of the collapse of the Independent Label Market in 2003. This long term research has resulted into the development of a series of processes, that combined form a new market, that resolves the piracy-issue. Project name: ILM

"Mer Conduite" (ICD)

In 2016 disturbing news on Judicial plans against Facebook and Youtube forced us to investigate, which at the end resulted in a bold attempt to develop a solution, that will not only generate rights for writers and authors from ICDs, but also create new sources of income for ICDs, generating a new form of rights, called: ICD Rights