We don't think out of the box, we think beyond

Our mission is to protect the internet and create a new platform that provides new business opportunities that in turn creates job opportunities on a global scale.

Digital Jobs

The future does not lay in the reinvention of the Industrial Revolution by creating jobs in factories. Factories will eventually switch to digitalisation, and jobs will be lost. The future leyes in the Digital Revolution where everyone in the world can get a job working on the internet, without the need to commute o a daily basis.

Climate Issues

CO2 emission produced by the automobile is 50% responsible for the temperature rise of the planet. To reduce the CO2 emission, automobile companies are producing electric cars targeting mostly the commuter market. But what if there is no commuter market? What if we don't have to go to work everyday, because we can work at home? This will drastically resolve the issues of daily traffic, and reduce CO2 emission faster than replacing gasoline cars with electric ones. At the end of the day 80% of the planet would not be able to finance an electric car, which will create a giant market for cheap secondhand gas jugglers.

Methaan gas counts for the rest of the 50% for the temperature rise of the planet. This most recent discovery is by far the biggest problem we will have to face in the coming years, due to the fact that the financial power that will be preventing this change is far greater than the need to take responsibility, to leave behind a decent planet for the generations to come.