Independent Label Market

Innovation in the Music Industry (MI) is practically non-existent. This is due to the fact that, if we picture the MI as one big company, it will have more shareholders than all other companies on the planet combined together, and is also the only company, where the shares are self-generated and are not traded. This makes it much more complicated, because a normal unhappy shareholder can always sell his shares and buy new ones. This is one of the main reasons why copyright-laws are changing at a pace that is light-years behind the market.

Tech Giants

Shares Generation in the MI have started around the invention of the Gramophone in 1877. With a margin of 4 years, that would be 100 years of share-generation divided in:

          • 79% Industrial age
          • 2% Enforcement age
          • 1% Golden age
          • 18% Digital age

If we now compare the sum of the first two against the sum of the last two, it will show the unbalanced power of the older generation, who are against Innovation. In order to convince this group, they have to have a visual example, that clearly shows how the change would work and how it will affect them.

This is one of the elements, that ILM will be able to provide.

The most important element of all, is the need to resolve the piracy-issue. As long as this issue remains, any solution would be useless. This is specially the case with the Stream, because MRLs trust the Stream is safe from Piracy, and dropped their interest in the only medium that can be sold, the MP3. This actually saved SoundCloud from bankruptcy, because the lack of monitoring caused a shift from ZippyShare over to SoundCloud, which now has more than 700 Million users searching for Bootlegs on SoundCloud per month. This is why Spotify and Apple were fighting a battle to buy SoundCloud during 2016.


This one of the most important projects we have spend more than 18 years researching. Like most solutions, this one also is as simple as can be, however to uncuver it's symplicity, one needs to erase the mind from any knowledge of the present day, and start over out of the box.


ILM is part of the VDM Dance DJ 360 projects, which is the market. ILM also has a download system called iPay4Beatz (iP4B) where copyrights are traded as downloads.


Development / on hold / Patent Pending


Our challenge was to develop a process, that will shift the traffic from DJs from SoundCloud, and redirect them to us.

SoundCloud is a sharing platform where no one is making any money.

ILM provides an Innovative service, that makes us able to create a market from the SoundCloud Content.

Once the Producers come, the DJs will follow

Imagine going to iTunes or Beatport as a DJ, looking for exclusive music to buy. That is a fantasy, because these are consumer platforms. But what if we can close the door for the consumer, creating a cosy safe place for Industry professionals to handle their business? Because now, the music we are selling, is made on site by a large group of producers waiting for labels and publishers to add their content. Thats is how the Reworx machine is turned on, and exclusive tracks come floating up, which will attract the DJ. Once the DJ starts buying, the rework climbs the charts, and the label or publisher now have the choice to download it for free, and release it in the world of consumers.

The player below is one of the many innovative systems, that wil be available on this portal. Because for the first time, DJ, Producers, Labels, and Agencies now use one and the same player to conduct their business in their own way.

Producers are now not only able to sell downloads to DJs, but also license their music to labels for official or compilation release.

  • Select the smiley face to list the Ghost Productions available, with options
  • Select Globe to purchase a non-exclusive license, or lease for 3 years
  • List samples used, and claim your rights
  • Place a comment, or send a message to the producer

Working on a closed business-to-business environment brings the Independent Labels together all in one place. For the EDM industry this will be the center of the universe, where all creations will start from. In the end Major Labels will be signing up and get a complete overview of the new trends of the Independents, in search of the next big artist.

Innovation Under the hood

At first glance it may all not seem so impressive as we describe, however once you start comparing it to other options on the web today, the Innovation will come to life.

Let's compare the most common concept that comes the closest to our ILM concept.

Pitch Concept

Most websites, that have the most comparable elements, are Pitch Concepts. Companies that are searching for music for all types of purposes, sign up and create a project to be pitched. The Project then includes a budget, which is supposed to motivate pitches. Projects describe in detail what the company is looking for, so Producers can Pitch exactly what they need.

This concept works great with Sync, but does not represent a viable source of income for Producers. Payments are received only if the pitch is selected depending on the amount of Pitches. 10 Producers pitching for the same Project gives a 1/10 chance for monetisation. Interesting Projects may even attract 50 Pitches, leaving the average chance at a mere 1/50.

Another major issue with this concept is that Producers have to pay to be able to Pitch. In other words, money is guaranteed to part from the wallet, but does not guarantee its return.

The list of issues Pitch Concepts have are longer than Santa Clause's beard. But one of them sticks out above the rest, which is the genre mix. EDM producers sell tracks based on their credibility. Pitching music for projects where Jazz musician, Hip Hop, Rock, and so on are also Pitching, is against the nature of EDM Artists.


To start with ILM is strictly business. With the exception of Producers, all members are expected to have a VAT-number in order to gain access. Especially DJs.

Members pay only when they buy something. There are no fees and no limits for uploading, or downloading.

Quality control is fully automated, that forces Producers to only upload music, that adds points to their account. Music that doesn't sell will reduce their status, forcing them to remove.

Added services like iLearn provide information to improve production quality among platform members.

Companies that search music for license to serve their purpose are welcome to login and buy licenses, in the same way DJs buy downloads on iTunes or Beatport.

ILM is also a rework platform, where labels or publishers can upload music and samples, for reworx. Producers can then download, create a remix, edit, or mash, and upload it to their own account and send for sales. Labels do not get a share of this revenue, but have the right to download and release completely free. The more remixes made, the more options there are.

Any kind of license on the platform are sold as a download package, which includes contracts and payment agreements. This is one of the groundbreaking innovations, that will change the way business is conducted in the industry., because for the first time ever, licensing of any kind is absolutely.... ROYALTY FREE!!

This is less than 1/4 of what the platform will offer on innovation, because patented or not, copycats do lurk in every corner, on which we have to keep a close eye on.