Rights Generator

Based on a simple idea, combined with past common industry process and contracts, we developed the only option, that will generate collectable rights from ICDs. The first version in development is based on the Facebook structure, and includes elements, that will motivate the co-operation from the ICD.

The following is a short description of our eIMG solution.

New Facebook Market

Developing a solution for rights collection from an ICD like Facebook would be useless if they don't profit from it. This was the main issue, which made the 2016 attempt to change the Mer Conduit law, that protects ICDs from copyright claims, a lost cause from the beginning.

Our view was simply to develop a process, that will give us the opportunity to make Facebook an offer it can not refuse. Not by using gangster-tactics, but by offering a solution, that will enable them to collect millions of dollars from their own members to cover for expenses and invest in the development of the new market opportunity we can offer.

Currently Facebook's income is mostly generated from businesses. Our offer will open a new market, that includes not only businesses and consumers, but also a new high-class community, that are willing to pay ridiculous amounts of money, just to prove their status.

Simple solutions for Global issues

It may all sound to good to be true, but in reality every problem has the simplest solution attached to it. It just takes out-of-the-box thinking to find it. That's how we came to resolve one of the major problems facing the music industry with the introduction of the internet, which is territorial licensing. Ironically internet wipes out territories, and provides the solution with a new option from the first day it was available for consumers. The problem is, no one saw it that way before.