Slot Services

In the cake-chart seen here above, there are two grey areas, which are Bookings and Micro. These are two types of slot- services, that will cover all other services we do not provide locally.

  • Integrated Slot (Free)
  • API External Slot (Third Party Rented Slot )

The DJ 360 concept is to be compared as a commercial Mall, which is basically a large space divided in a number of spaces that can be rented. These are carefully selected in order to eliminate competition. The purpose is to create a perfect shopping experience under one roof.

The purpose of the API slot is to be able to provide third party services like Accounting, Financial advice, Investment options and Crypto Dealers, but most importantly Legal.

These type of businesses can rent a slot, which is used to provide a number of services directly from the platform, which we refer to as Micro Services.

DJ 360

This is the plan we have been developing in the past 5 years. In the cake-graph, which will be translated in English soon, you can see the 6 services of the platform-plan divided by the basic terms that each represents.

All of the sections that are not Red, are services, including third party, we provide to our members signed up in our market. This is the 3 shades of Red, which are Repertoire, Remix and Release.

Service Options

In the chart below the platform is divided into the 6 e-commerce names which are, starting from the right side:

  • iPLay | Bookings: Free planner for DJ bookings, which is also useful for producers to use as production planner.
  • iWeb | Multimedia: Full web presence service with long term payment options.
  • iBuy | Webshop: Sales of specific products we recommend in our tutorials, which can be downloaded or purchased through affiliated contracts (Bax Music / Pioneer DJ)
  • iLearn | Education: This is a video tutorial platform, that covers not only software, hardware, and platform instructions, but also the most advanced documented DJ Business Series of courses, which is also part of our Franchise-program.
  • iRelease | Labels: This is a full operational series of labels with digital distribution contract (LabelWorx), which is part of our Ghost Release program.
  • iP4B | ILM: This is a project, that we started to develop in 2005. Basically it's a platform, that provide a series of services, which combined represent a virtual Independent Label Market (ILM), which is strictly business-to-business, and allows only VAT-number holders to participate.

Innovative Model

Another extremely important purpose of this platform is the fact, that it is designed to be a business-to-business platform protecting not only exclusive content and business interests, but also serve as a sovereign marketplace.

This gives us the unique freedom to make necessary changes to current outdated copyright laws, without the bureaucracy of politics. Serving as a perfect research platform for lawmakers it would create the unique opportunity to rewrite the copyright law from the bottom up. This is how the Industry will be able to regain control over the music business, which is now in the hands of the Tech Giants.

Visit ILM to find out how we gain control over Piracy.

Chart will be made available soon...