CLR (Central Licensing & Registration)

As we mentioned before, creating and controlling the market is one thing. Protecting it is yet the most important element of this structure which the TRM does not permit. By using a CLR to conduct our business, we can create an environment that not only protects te content against illegal publications, but it also protects participants from one another. Label will than have a choice to use a standard CLR agreement for licensing, or create their own templates stored on their CLR account.

To conclude a license deal with a producer, both parties are required to have a CLR account, which is preprogrammed with masters and label-copies, and use a CLR mobile App to exchange the information that will allow the license agreement to take effect. Once the agreement is cleared, the label than has the Digital Rights and can release only with a CLR member distributer. All payments are made separately and directly to each shareholders CLR account, eliminating the need to administer Royalty Statements.



More on this project comming soon.


Research Stage