Welcome to the future of Independent Dance Music Exploitation

3 Dimensional Digital Domain Business Structure (3dB)

3dB is a new structure designed from scratch specifically for a viable future Music Exploitation model. It not only serves as a business platform, but also creates a new market, within the present Digital Domain, controls protect and enforces it. Let's call this the DDL as opposed to the TPL.

      • TRM: 2D Market based on Territorial Physical Licensing (Current Consumer Market)
      • DDL: 3D Market based on Digital Domain Licensing (New Independent Label Market)

DDL (Digital Domain Licensing)

DGM is designed as a pert of the cycle that completes Independent exploitation of the future. It is designed to support new labels with by reducing the need for lawyers deciphering complicated contracts, because there will be no complicated contracts. All contracts in DGM originate from one Central point which allows us to track and collect payments, reducing administration costs by more than 50% for all parties involved.

With this all in system we can support not only new artists, but also create new opportunities for new labels so the collective ca grow to the point that it will become 100% of the Independent market share. From that point on we will able to control the whole market on a global level, and protect the assets of our members.

We will make music creative again.


This new system practically automates every business stage, and yet protects every aspect carefully by centralising first an than decentralise in combination with active Hash-Blockchain security.

  • ILM: Independent Label Market
  • CLR: Central Licensing & Registration
  • eIMG: M-Rights generator /collector Facebook
  • DigiC: Digital C- Converter