Rules & Guidelines

server rules

💬 social rules

0. Don't be a dick

This is a golden rule of the community.

Don't do the following:

  • direct personal attack against a player or their family or religion

  • pointless fight in the public chat for too long

  • provoking a player into breaking the rules

  • revealing private stuff about a player without their consent

  • rude behavior towards the entire server, without any context or provocation

  • posting political topics to provoke others

  • going to the discord server to talk to a player after getting /ignored by them ingame

Victim should /ignore first before reporting, only report if ignoring doesn't work.

Don't do these either:

  • shooting tires of vehicles for no reason while other players are in the vehicles

  • making false reports to get other players punished

  • faking a DM by any means

Punishment for breaking this rule: mute, warn, ban, ridicule from staff (depends on situation)

1. English only in public chat

Only English language is allowed in the public chat. You can use other languages in crew chat and sms.

You can say small phrases (like greetings).

Punishment for breaking this rule: mute

2. Don't advertise

Don't advertise or invite players to other servers (including VCMP/SAMP/MTA and other multiplayer games).

This applies in all ingame chats, including: public chat, cop radio, crew chat, sms and ad.

Mentioning servers/games is allowed. Just don't advertise.

Advertising VCMP-wide events is allowed only once on the forum, with permission from managemant.

Inviting to games/servers hosted in VCCNR discord is allowed (e.g. chess, monopoly).

Punishment for breaking this rule: ranges from mute to ban depending on severity of advertising

3. Don't spam/flood the chat

The spam filter will mute you if you try to spam/flood the chat.

If you attempt to bypass the script, you will be muted for twice as long.

Don't spam advertise other servers (rule 2), you will be punished more harshly.

Don't spam commands which flood the public chat. This counts as spamming.

Punishment for breaking this rule: mute, warn

4. Don't impersonate

  • Don't impersonate other players by using fake/similar looking nicks

  • Don't use chat color to write fake messages in chat

  • Don't use gang/clan tag in your nick if you're not in that gang/clan

If caught breaking this rule, you must rectify your nick immediately or face punishment.

Punishment for breaking this rule: ban

5. No /q trolls

Don't trick other players into using the /q command.

Punishment for breaking this rule: mute

🤺 combat rules

6. DM rules

This is not a DM server, so don't do it.

The following types of kills are allowed:

  • cop killing a robber (red/orange)

  • robber (orange/red) killing a cop, but only if the cop is trying to arrest/kill the robber

  • killing a player who has robbed money from you

  • hitman kills

  • carbomb kills

  • rape kills

  • kidnap kills using /killkidnap cmd

  • self defense kills against hitman trying to kill you

  • killing cops who are trying to arrest a crewmate

  • killing hitmen who are trying to kill a crewmate

  • killing delivery truck driver/defending delivery truck

  • kills in DM events organized by staff

The following types of kills are not allowed:

  • cop killing another cop or a citizen (yellow)

  • citizen (yellow) killing any other player

  • robber (orange/red) killing a citizen (yellow) or another robber (orange/red)

  • robber (orange/red) killing a cop if the cop is not trying to arrest/kill the robber (cophunt)

  • cop cuffing a robber then killing with weapon (cuff & kill)

  • cop killing a robber while they are surendered

  • kidnapping a player then killing with weapon

  • hitman completing their own placed hits

  • completing hits placed by yourself

  • completing or cancelling hits using drive-by, seasparrow, hunter or heliblades

  • shooting vehicles (including tires) driven by citizen (yellow)

  • shooting vehicles (including tires) with players inside while you are citizen (yellow)

When in conflict, allowed kills > not allowed kills.

Any kind of kill that is not mentioned above will also count as DM.

Lowering HP with the intent to do one of the above is counted as attempted DM, and will also be punished.

Punishment for breaking this rule: drown, jail, kick, warn, ban

7. Don't evade

There are several types of evade, none of these are allowed:

  • Arrest evade: when you kill yourself or disconnect to evade arrest, while a cop is chasing you within minimap range

  • Death evade: when you kill yourself or disconnect when you're about to be killed in some legal way

    • Not leaving vehicle when it catches fire due to a player interaction (while being wanted, on hitlist, etc)

  • Punishment evade: when you kill yourself or disconnect to evade punishments from staff

  • Ban evade: when you join a server by any means while you are banned

Surrendering info:

  • You can quit while being wanted, if there are no cops in the minimap range

  • You can quit after surrendering, if there are no cops in the minimap range

  • Don't surrender on water, or any vehicles floating on water. Find a good static spot to surrender

  • You can surrender on the water rocks if your health doesn't decrease automatically

Special case:

  • If you are on heli above water and your heli is on fire

    • Common sense applies, staff will look into the scenario if report is made

Timing out is not considered evade. However, if you time out consistently too much, it will be considered as evade.

Punishment for breaking this rule: ban (ban evaders will be given extra-spicy masala special treatment)

🎮 gameplay rules

8. Teaming rules

Cops are not allowed to work together with robbers (orange/red) with the intention of farming money/copskills/robskills.

Cops and robbers (orange/red) should not ride together in the same vehicles. It gives the impression of teaming.

Bankrobber switching from robber to cop to arrest the partner after robbing the bank together is considered teaming. Don't arrest your bankrob partner within 10 mins of robbing bank together.

Robbers (orange/red) and citizens (yellow) can team up using crew system to escape cops, but the DM rules (rule 6) still apply, so be careful.

Citizens (yellow) can help cops catch robbers (orange/red), but ramming, shooting, punching etc is still not allowed, as it might cause a DM (rule 6).

Cops should sus the citizens (yellow) who try to help their robber (orange/red) crewmates.

Copskills or robskills will be deducted from players who broke this rule to increase them.

Punishment for breaking this rule: ban

9. Suspect rules

Suspecting a player is allowed in the following scenarios:

  • attacking a cop

  • ramming a vehicle driven by a cop

  • shooting a vehicle driven by a cop

  • shooting tires of vehicle driven by a cop

  • obstructing cops by spawning vehicles in their way

  • stealing a cop's vehicle and not returning it after the cop asks for it

  • driving any of the delivery mission vehicles

  • buying a bank/car bomb

  • helping a robber/crewmate (orange/red) (driving with them, helping them escape, ramming cops to help them)

  • attempting/completing hitman kills

  • placing hits

  • selling ice cream (totally optional, cops can ignore ice cream sellers)

  • stealing someone's vehicle and being reported to the cops by /911

  • doing false /911

Suspect reason must be one of the above. Any other reason could be reported as "false sus".

Punishment for breaking this rule: warn

10. Copkick rules

Copkick is allowed in the following scenarios:

  • accepting bribe

  • teaming with robber (orange/red) (report for teaming as well)

  • locking other cops in cars

  • obstructing cops by spawning vehicles in their way

  • popping a cop's car tires

  • stealing a cop's vehicle and not returning it after the cop asks for it

  • ramming other cops (report for DM attempt as well)

Copckick reason must be one of the above. Any other reason could be reported as "false copkick".

Punishment for breaking this rule: warn

11. Don't be AFK

Don't be AFK in-game to farm playtime. If you're going away for a long time, just quit.

Punishment for breaking this rule: kick

🚗 vehicle rules

12. Vehicle in interior rules

Don't drive any vehicle into, or spawn vehicles inside of, the following places:

  • North Point Mall

  • El Banco Corrupto Grande (Bank)

  • Vercetti Mansion

  • Escobar Airport

  • Ocean View Hotel

  • Malibu Club

  • Pole Position

  • Ocean Beach Police Station

  • Little Havana Police Station

  • Greasy Chopper Bikers Bar

  • WK Chariot Hotel

  • Print Works

  • Posers

  • Joe's Beds

  • Laundromat

  • all black market interiors

  • all Ammu-Nations, tool shops, dispensaries, jewelry shops, food shops

  • all houses and interiors

Punishment for breaking this rule: vehicle delown (if used own vehicle), warn (if used others' vehicle)

13. Parking rules

No Parking zones (don't park vehicles here):

  • roads

  • near all police stations

  • near or inside army base and army ship

  • in front of bank, and the brown area opposite of the bank

  • any interiors (see rule 12)

If you don't have space to park your vehicles near your house, you can park them at any public parking area.

Don't park your vehicle at someone else's property without their permission. This includes houses and businesses.

Don't block pathways with your parkings.

Punishment for breaking this rule: vehicle delown (or maybe your vehicle will be dumped at the Junkyard idk)

💀 cheating

14. Don't use cheats/hacks/trainers/mods/macros

Don't use any cheats, hacks, trainers or mods which change gameplay (and give advantage over others).

This includes:

  • speed hacks

  • health hacks

  • teleport hacks

  • wall hacks

  • fly hacks

  • aim locks

  • modded maps

  • greenless mods

  • custom collision/handling

  • custom anims

  • other hacks

Don't modify the game files to change gameplay (especially when looking for hidden pickups).

Custom models, textures and HUD mods should be fine, as long as they don't change the gameplay.

Don't use macros or keybinds.

Punishment for breaking this rule: perma ban

15. Don't abuse existing bugs/glitches/map errors

Don't exploit any existing bugs, glitches or map errors of the base game, server script or vehicles.

Don't access/shoot through areas which are supposed to be out of bounds (inside hollow buildings, through walls/floor/roof with no collision).

Don't stay in the bank vault after robbing the bank and the vault gets closed.

If you find yourself inside any such place, suicide or reconnect immediately.

Punishment for breaking this rule: ban

💾 other stuff

16. Don't use multiple accounts

Don't use multiple accounts in this server. Don't open multiple clients at the same time to connect to this server.

Notify a manager in the following cases:

  • you forgot your password

  • you accidentally registered a new nick

  • you have a sibling who plays on this server using the same PC

Punishment for breaking this rule: ban

17. Don't scam other players

Don't scam other players. If two players have agreed on a trade, both sides of the trade must be fulfilled, otherwise it will be considered a scam. If someone scams you (or even attempts to do it), notify a manager.

Items/money involved in a scam may be transferred to the scam victim.

Note: Selling an item for an unusually high price is not scamming. Offering a very low amount of money for an item is also not scamming. These are business strategies, and if both parties are happy with a trade, then it's not a scam.

Punishment for breaking this rule: ban, item delown, item transfer

18. Don't trade items from outside VCCNR

It is highly recomended to not trade in-game items (cars, properties, money) for real life currency, or items/games/currency/accounts from other games/online markets (like steam). VCCNR staff will not be responsible for loss of non-VCCNR items/cash from such trades, as those items are out of our control.

Punishment for breaking this rule: go cry in a corner nigga

19. Don't trade VCCNR accounts

Do not buy, sell or trade VCCNR accounts with other players. Accounts involved in such trade will be banned and all items/stats removed.

Do not let other players play with your account. It is your responsibility to protect your account, and staff will not be liable for any losses.

Punishment for breaking this rule: ban, item delown and stats removal

20. Don't keep illegal weapons

You are not allowed to store weapons which were granted by an admin command (e.g. from events) or are not available through any player method (e.g. from Ammu-Nation/smuggling)

Punishment for breaking this rule: ban?

21. Don't disturb staff on duty

Do not beg for money, cars, properties, stats, events, punishment reversals, etc from the staff.

Do not disturb the staff while they are on admin duty.

Do not yell about rulebreaks in chat, go report in the forum.

If you approach staff and are told to leave the area, you must leave instantly.

Punishment for breaking this rule: mute, kick, warn, ban, ridicule from staff

22. Respect decisions made by staff

Respect the decisions made by staff about punishments, events, etc. The staff knows more about the rules than you, and if you disagree with any staff decision, feel free to post on the forum, instead of whining in chat.

Punishment for breaking this rule: mute, ridicule from staff

23. Don't copy VCCNR

Do not copy VCCNR, including client messages (with exact/similar color codes) and files.

  • Regarding server files, if your files are the same as our files, it'll be considered copying.

    • This excludes publicly available files.

Punishment for breaking this rule: literally anything including torture

Note: If you constantly break the same rule multiple times, or too many rules in a small amount of time, you may be given harsher punishments, including long/perma bans.

Note: The rules are subject to change without any prior notice and the management holds the right to override the rules for specific cases.

discord rules

Rules 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22 from above also apply to the discord server, in addition to the following:

  • Don't post porn or gore

  • Don't post suspicious or harmful links/files

  • Don't ask for scripts or hosting

  • Don't report players in the discord, go to the forum

  • Don't stream other multiplayer servers (VCMP/SAMP/MTA)

  • Don't tag staff without any reason

  • Don't write in #📣echo when the server/bot is down, use #💬general / #🎲off-topic / #❓help

  • Don't write in #📣echo if you're not talking directly to someone ingame. Talk to other discord members in other channels.

  • When writing in #📣echo, it is recommended to use English charecters in your name, otherwise the bot won't parse your name

  • Use the channels only for their intended purposes. If you're starting to get off-topic, go to a different channel.

  • Use #🤖bots for any bot commands, chess and monopoly cmds can be used in their channels respectively

  • Non-english is allowed only in #🎲off-topic and #🧻trash

  • Don't evade roles (leave and rejoin the server to clear your roles)

  • Don't try to be a smartass by using non-english alphabet to write English words outside of #🎲off-topic, that still counts as non-english

FORUM rules

  • Don't be a dick (rule 0)

  • English posts only (rule 1)

  • No advertising (rule 2)

  • No spamming/flooding (rule 3)

  • No impersontion (rule 4)

  • No multiaccounting (rule 16)

  • No scamming (rule 17)

  • No trading of outside items (rule 18)

  • No trading of VCCNR accounts (rule 19)

  • No porn/gore

  • No suspicious or harmful links/files

  • No requests for scripts or hosting

  • No short posts like "lol" "bump" "gay" "epic" etc

  • No posting in report threads if you're not involved

  • Use the boards only for their intended purposes

  • Respect decisions made by staff (rule 22)


🧳 Inactivity

If you're inactive for over 1 month and you haven't made an inactivity appeal, your stuff will be delowned.

If you don't want your stuff to be delowned, be active or make an inactive appeal on the forum.

You need to play at least 20 minutes straight without disconnecting to reset the inactive timer, just logging in and yeeting out in 2 minutes won't count as being active.

⌛ Ping/FPS Issues

Recommended ping for playing is under 500ms. Recommended frame rate is at least 20 fps.

If you are out of these limits and it causes gameplay issues, then you may be kicked from the server.