VBAC 2020

Integral Functors, Finite Spaces and Krichever-Novikov algebras

Universidad de Salamanca, July 13-17, 2020

About VBAC

The research group VBAC (Vector Bundles on Algebraic Curves) came into existence in 1993 as a subgroup of an EU-funded network. The inaugural workshop was held in Liverpool in April 1994 and was centered around a problem list. "VBAC" has since been held annually at different institutions all over the world (except in 1995/1996). Previous VBAC conferences


The scientific program is expected to start Monday 13 July 9:30 and end Friday 17 July at 12:00.

The arrival day will be Sunday 12 July 2020 during the day/evening. Friday 17 July is departure day.


The focus of the workshop will be the interaction between the study of integral functors, derived categories and more classical problems in algebraic geometry, exploring the connections with finite spaces and also the representation theory of Krichever-Novikov algebras.

The aim of this workshop is to exchange and explore developments and ideas on derived categories, their fundamental structure, and their applications to algebraic geometry.

VBAC Committee

Peter Newstead (Chair), Jørgen Ellegaard Andersen, Usha Bhosle, Steven Bradlow, Leticia Brambila-Paz, Ugo Bruzzo, Carlos Florentino, Oscar Garcia-Prada, Peter Gothen, Georg Hein, Daniel Hernandez Ruiperez, Victoria Hoskins, Alastair King, Herbert Lange, Cristina Lopez Martin, Antony Maciocia, Margarida Melo, Ignasi Mundet i Riera, Andras Szenes, Montserrat Teixidor i Bigas, Andrei Teleman.


A. C. López Martín, Universidad de Salamanca

F. J. Plaza Martín, Universidad de Salamanca

F. Sancho de Salas, Universidad de Salamanca

C. Tejero Prieto, Universidad de Salamanca


Universidad de Salamanca

Departamento de Matemáticas de la Universidad de Salamanca

Instituto Universitario de Física Fundamental y Matemáticas

Ministerio de Economía, Industria y Competetividad, research grant MTM2017-86042-P, Finite spaces and Integral functors