How to book and Fees

Please note I do not offer Private GP consultations, Hynotherapy or Homeopathic Consultations.

See separate page for CAA medicals.

Sport and Acupuncture clinic- excluding CAA medicals

My Consultations last 30min. Please contact me via email to arrange an appointment. I will then send you out a registration form that I use to create your medical record. All your information is held on encrypted files with two factor authentication so it is very secure and it is never shared with anyone, except the patient.

IF you do not hear back from me please check your SPAM folder. Since GDPR I have noticed more emails that I receive and send seem to be put in Spam folders. This seems to be general problem especially those people who have secure systems.

I accept patients on insurance, on the basis that they pay me at the consultation and claim back the fees from the insurance company themselves using receipts that I have given them. Patients should check in advance to see if the insurance company covers my consultation fees.


  • Acupuncture £45 (Sept 2019 I am suspending my Acupuncture clinic to new patients)
  • Sports Consultation £70
  • HGV/PSV medical £95
  • Diving Medical £85
  • Diving administration fee £20 to £40
  • Diving Exercise test £65
  • Sports Medical £85

Last reviewed Oct 2019 (due to an increase in my indemnity fees)