CAA Medicals

If you need a LAPL medical I charge the same as a Class 2 medical

Please remember to bring to the medical:

  • Photo ID (the original not a copy),
  • Current CAA Certificate,
  • Completed medical certificate application form (Med160) but NOT signed,
  • Optician prescription, Glasses (completed MED162 if applicable),
  • Current medications,
  • Shorts (to wear during your medical).
  • I also recommend that you register for GP Online access so that you can access your records online, this helps me when reviewing your medical history and speeds the process up.
  • Please bring medical reports in respect of any significant current or past medical history.
  • Applicants who have had LASIK or other refractive procedures must provide a report from the centre that carried out the surgery. Details should include dates and type of surgery performed, pre-operative refraction and details of any complications. CAA guidance post eye surgery

If you would like to book a medical then please email me.

Please include in your email times when you are off island. I will email you a form and ask for your Name, Date of Birth and Licence number (if you are an initial application I will generate a number for you), licence type (ie class, new/renewal), and if I have seen you before. This allows me to transfer your CAA medical care to me from your previous AME and thus provides access to your medical record. I will send you a consent form before doing this or you can download it here.

The form will also give you some information regarding the medical.

All medicals are held at Snaefell Surgery.

Please also let me know if I have seen you before, as the transfer is only done at our first consultation together.

Initial Class Two Medicals:

CAA Guidance on applying for a Class 2 medical : Please read this page prior to your appointment and download the blank medical certificate application form (MED160) and bring the completed but not signed form to your medical.

Medical Standards and guidance are provided online by the CAA. CAA Guidance . If you have a medical condition it is worth looking at this guidance to see if your condition may prevent you from flying.

Renewal Medicals:

I will still email you the form but I will generate a pre-populated MED160 for you as this will enable you to check that your details match what is on the CAA system. Please then complete the MED160 but do not sign it.

Spectacle wearers or Contact lens users:

For an initial Class two medical please download the MED162 form and attend your optician for a comprehensive examination

Contact Lens Wearers- Initial Examination

Contact lenses should not be worn on the day of an examination.

For a initial Eye Examination we need to check unaided vision, corrected spectacle vision and corrected contact lens vision. This examination will be with an optician who will complete MED162 (supplied by yourself).

At subsequent medicals the test will alterate between Spectacles and Contact lens. Always bring your most recent optician prescription.

Chaparone Policy:

A chaperone is available for all consultations and examinations. If you do know in advance of your appointment that you wish for a chaperone please make it known at the time of booking to avoid any delays. A copy of the chaperone policy can be downloaded from the following LINK.

Class One/Three Medicals:

I will be commencing Class One and Three medicals in the near future.


CAA Class 1 Medical (renewal/revalidation) not currently offered but will be in the future

CAA Class 2 Medical £170 (renewal/revalidation/initial)

CAA Class 3 Medical (renewal/revalidation) not currently offered but will be in the future

CAA admin fee class 1/3 £14 (external charge)

CAA admin fee class 2 £8 (external charge)

ECG £45

ECG Over read External charge, variable depending on consultant, only charged if applicable, as per CAA guidance.

Audiogram £25

Spirometry £25

Administration time £50 per quarter hour. Most cases can be completed in this time frame.

CAA Medical Consultation £65 (please note this is in my CAA role NOT as a private GP)

Last reviewed 2019

Data Protection:

I am fully compliant with HIPAA/GDPR. All data is only for my records and is not shared with anyone, except the CAA unless consent has been given. The records are stored on a fully encrypted cloud storage that has two factor authentication in place. CAA records are kept on their independent system.