Unique Career Accomplishments

Below are a few projects I'm particularly proud of.

Manual for Public Good through Big Data (translated - original title: Manual Sobre la Utilidad la Big Data para Bienes Públicos)

I was part of a 30-person global team who co-authored a book on how governments and other public entities can positively impact society with and through data.

This project was organized by the Spain-based Ortega y Gasset Foundation, which specializes in transparency and democracy in government.

Each of the co-authors contributed a chapter. Mine focused on how I lead the data efforts to build Los Angeles' real estate portfolio and use cases on managing public-private partnerships.

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Manual sobre la utilidad la Big Data para bienes públicos Juan Vasquez.pdf

Innovation Models in the Private Sector Online Class (translated - Modelos de innovación para el sector público)

I served as an online instructor in the "Leadership in Digital and Innovation" program by Goberna's School of Politics & Government.

The class focused on use cases of government reform using data analysis, storytelling, and strategic partnerships.

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Juan Vasquez Video 4 de 4, Estado Actual.mp4
Juan Vasquez Video 3 de 4, Presentacion Visual y Trabajando con Unis.mp4

The US Conference of Mayors creates an annual Business Council Best Practices Report, which highlights unique and innovative case studies focused on the intersection of government and business.

My team's work in creating the necessary framework to support the city in absorbing complaints from the public about illicit commercial cannabis activity.

United States Conference of Mayors Business Council 2018 Best Practices Report- Mayors and Businesses Driving Economic GrowthShort.pdf

After competing for multiple years at different levels, I reached my goal of reaching the Finals in a Toastmasters Public Speaking Competition. In 2016, I placed 2nd in the Evaluation category, beating out hundreds of others across 4 rounds, eventually reaching the highest tier of competition.

Competition criteria looks at a number of areas, but mostly focuses on elements like stage presence, vocal variety, relevance and effectiveness of speech objectives, and charisma.