Vasco Elbrecht

[metabarcoding scientist]

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Hey there!

Freshwater ecosystems world wide are threatened by human activities. Thus efficient monitoring of stream and lake health is a necessity, to enable sustainable management of these valuable resources.

As a a molecular biologist I am developing DNA based methods, to improve current routine assessment approaches. With modern laboratory methods as well as bioinformatic pipelines I'm helping to revolutionise ecosystem monitoring, protecting our global freshwater resources and biodiversity.

In my free time I love to be involved in cosplay, sports (climbing and gym) and making youtube videos. Feel free to talk with me about anything science, and don't hesitate if you have questions concerning my research or need advice with your metabarcoding projects!



Upcoming conferences you can meet me:

  • Pathway to Increase Standards and Competency of eDNA Surveys (PISCeS) (11-12th October, 2018, Guelph, Canada)
  • 8th International Barcode of Life Conference (June 17-20th, 2018Trondheim, Norway)

Watch a video of my recent metabarcoding work, demonstrating the feasibility of this method for routine monitoring of freshwater macroinvertebrates. The accompanying publication is available at Methods in Ecology and Evolution.

You can find an overview my other publications here.