Safety and Advice

The wraps on your batteries need to be in one piece if ripped replace with a new wrap or buy new ones

Keep Batteries in a plastic case or rubber sleeve when not in use, Never let batteries come in contact with metal objects like coins

Dont get your batteries wet or expose to high heat

Never leave batteries charging unattended or overnight,Check your chargers compatibility

Dispose of dead or old batteries via the correct method don't just throw them in the bin

Keep any vaping products out of reach of children,Safety first

Keep Eliquid out of reach of under 18s

Mark any Eliquid you mix with nicotine and keep packaging incase of accidental digestion or Poisoning

Know your Ohm laws if you plan to build your own coils on mech mods or rda style tanks

In the last four years Ive been a vaper, Ive seen/heard of copycat items that are for sale to the public, Some may be tempted to save a little money but purchasing from a registered company and well known stores is the safest option for everyone

When charging your batteries check your charger is compatible, Never leave batteries unattended or charge overnight. Don't undercharge or over charge your batteries this can shorten their lifespan, Read guide supplied with charger before use so its used correctly.

When adding your nic shots to the shortfill remember to shake n mix it for a good 5minutes to mix together, Some recommend leaving it for a couple days so that all ingredients used can blend giving you the full flavour from your e-liquid.

Children are at the most risk from nicotine poisoning due to their lack of exposure to it and their constitutions being considerably weaker to begin with. Thus, vapers should always keep their vaping gear out of children’s reach just to be safe (obvious, perhaps, but always worth a reminder). Mind your pets as well, especially dogs as they have a tendency to investigate whether something is eatable or not by eating it. There are stories out there about unsupervised puppies coming a cropper after chewing and eating bottles of e-liquid, so keep it well away from them.

Esmokercanada-Safety info for traveling with vape products

Lets work together to save this planet for our future generations, From the eliquid bottles, Tanks, Mods and batteries are all suitable to be recycled through the correct disposal options. If unsure your local area information can be found online or through your council.