This is one of my favourite eliquids-Donut worry by 100 large,so much so that when I have a bottle iam lucky for it to last me 24hrs, on inhale it's like taking a bite on a fresh donut and on exhale is a sweet jammy vanilla undertone, I vape this about 40-60w on a Rda, Amazing!.

IVG-Bubblegum,I first tried this when it hit the market and was very surprised, I'd tried other bubblegum juice but nothing got my tastebuds going like this unfortunately it doesn't go down well with the morning coffee, Still up there as a juice but more after lunch.

Available in 50ml and 10ml nicsalts,

Other flavours in this brand cover Tobacco, Fruits, Custards, Mints, Sweets,Drinks and Lollies

Lost vape-Orion Dna,This is one of my newer editions,Reading other reviews on this I must say its not a disappointment, This will be my holiday vape device, nice small discreet kit and hopefully no issues getting it abroad, Good size pods with flavour production plus battery holds the power.

One of the first salt-nic Eliquids that I tried in my Orion kit, For a 50pg/50vg liquid I was expecting a harsh troathit after using the 70vg/30pg+ liquids instead I was treated with a pleasantly smooth inhale followed by a good amount of flavour, Will be checking out the other salts on the market,Also the mixed berry by Club juice salts range is berrylicious.

Also Available are Vanillas,Menthols, Berries and Tobaccos.

Cotton Bacon cotton,When dealing with rebuilds every vaper needs a trusty wick and this is where among others I choose this, no chemical taste just straight up flavour quality, long lasting, easy to fit cotton.

The Wotofo profile Rda,my current atomizer which I don't regret with the mesh coil being used it not only creates some big clouds for showing off but gives a new level of flavour, with the spring assist keeping the cotton close to the mesh constantly Ive not taken a unwanted dry hit just full enjoyment.

A simple thing to have yet it could save from a painful injury,I always keep my batteries in one of these cases or the silicone sleeve option,remember to keep your batteries in check

Heisenberg by Vampire vape, Not one of my personal favourites but it sits well with friends,They cant get enough of it, Started vaping this when they stopped smoking to now using the high vg range in their more powerful kits.

Available in 10mls,10ml nicsalts and pods for gusto kit. Plus Vampire vape's other flavours from Bubblegums, Classic sweets, Drinks, Mint's Tobaccos and Fruits

Here we have the Innokin Plex Proton Vape kit,I must say I used this for while before I wanted to try my hand with more rdas yet still return to this, With its dual 18650 battery capacity it gives a lasting power output while still being a moderate weight to use, The tank is easy to refill so not to much fiddling around, Along with coils that let off amazing flavour and taste to all kinds of juice, Definitely a kit worth purchasing or simply adding to your collection

The Aspire Gusto pod kit,When these first hit the market a couple years ago it took most by surprise with the new pre-filled pod system filled with NS20 this is one kit Ive still seen going strong, It features a 900mah built in battery which is enough to keep you going all day and is so easy to use its a great kit for beginners aswell as old timers,with it being a salt based pod you don't suffer a big throat hit while still getting the nicotine to see you through the day, Flavour from this device may also suprise you being spot on.A great little kit.

Even more flavours now released onto the market and also new NS10 pods.

Now this is properly a little outdated nowadays the good old Vision spinner 2 but I received one of these along with a Innokin Iclear 30s tank back when I had no idea of vaping,If it wasn't for them people opening me to this world I wouldn't have the knowledge I do today so this is a thank you to them

Tjuice have been around for a good few years now,with a wide variety of eliquid from Fruits,Custards,Drink and Tobacco flavours these are one brand that helped me get of the cigarettes over 4 years ago and I still see them on the online store I use.

Available in 10mls and now nic salts.

Cream team Eliquid 100ml-Buttercream,have only been able to try this one flavour from the 3 they make so far but it does not affect what I believe is a eliquid brand one needs to buy,this is a sweet creamy flavour which brings back childhood memories when being able to lick the bowl of leftovers, Ive not vaped such a spot on buttercream than this on the current market

One of Innokin's newer releases is this DV pod kit with its sleek design its one that catches the eye yet is discreet, Its a great kit for beginners, Suitable for the nic-salts you get a nice throat hit yet not to harsh, Its a inhale activated device plus fitted with a boost button for those who like that little bit more.

Welcome the Dovpo Topside Squonk,

18650,21700 or 20700 compatible it also comes with two squonk bottles,my current choice along with the Wotofo Profile rda,Fully set up its not to heavy for use and gives you amazing power plus flavour to really enjoy your vapes

Geekvape Lucid kit-with its replaceable single 18650 battery (brought separately)that inserts via a topcap this kit is very lightweight, It comes with a disposable tank but don't let that put you off, The coil wont burn out easy so it keeps you going and their cheap enough to get hold of a few more which going on the flavour they produce most will rather than spending the same amount just on coils alone, The people at geekvape really have put the thought into this piece of hardware

Beard Vape Co, This company has been around a good few years now and across their range of Smooth tobacco, Creamy custards or Sweet fruits these eliquids are flavoursome in all types of tanks, They give you constant flavour throughout the day without being to harsh on throat or coils.

Available in 10ml and 50mls.

100 Large,

I posted a individual review on their Donut worry liquid as thats my No1 but I have to show you the other flavours from this range,The people behind these got the flavours just right across the board with a ripe Banana (haze) and undertone of hazelnut, A sweet Grape (expectations) which reminds me of a grape drink to their Zest (pest) liquid that brings a feeling of summer to your tastebuds on inhale and exhale, The Berry (cold) is just like the name imagine picking fresh berries and making a cool ice drink, Then you feel like you've gone a on quick holiday with the Fresh (Pink of bel air) giving a sugary tropical mash up.


After being able to play with this for the last week Iam very impressed with the different way this peice of kit works compared to others on the market, Having a dual pod system you can mix two flavours creating your own unique tatse blend or have a flavour pod and nicotine pod to mix your nicotine ratio, The kit can read what juice is in each pod so if you forget which way round it is clearly displaid on screen (left pod 20mg/ right pod 0mg), You also have the option to increase or decrease the vapour output aswell as adjusting each pod so you can have a mix between 100/0-0/100 or inbetween while your on flavour mode , The kit require 1 x 18650 battery, Features adjustable airflow and changable sleeves. If your tech savvy you can also download the enovap app and control the kit via bluetooth. Overall its a great kit for beginners or advanced vapers but i wouldn't use any eliquid above a 60vg/40pg.

The Custard Shoppe, Available in 100ml bottles this brand gives you enough eliquid to last a few days but with how good they are I think you'll be buying more than you thought, Blackberry pie gives you a fresh sweet berry on inhale with a creamy hint of pastry custard on exhale yet even after a good few hits it doesn't make you have a sickly throat feel, Raspberry on the other hand seems to give you the custard on the inhale and a sweet sweet! layered raspberry on exhale, Butterscotch a smooth butterscotch custard resulting in a sweet inhale and exhale leaving you with the same taste as if you've just finished the perfect dessert, Overall these are a one to try there is not a flavour here I wouldn't recommend to someone this is one brand to keep an eye out for with future flavours.

Element E-Liquid,

I first tried these when I got hold of a Pink Lemonade Dripper version, Straight away I was blown away and amazingly surprised with the flavour which made me want to try everything from this brand which didn't disappoint, If you want true taste these are one to go with,Having high vg eliquids stretching out into a 50/50 version, Tobacco flavours and now the Ns20/Ns10 nic-salts With your Fruity, Nutty, Creamy, Drink, Minty and Dessert all covered, Element have made a firm footprint in the vaping world, I await to see what they pullout next.

Available in 10mls, 50ml, 100ml, salts 10mls and pods for Gusto kit.


The name kind of says just what you expect with this mod it is BLING,with it being said it boasts 1232 cubic zirconia stones which are individually hand set by a jeweller, The price of this is not pennies but with only 100 24k gold (and 100 sterling silver) plated mods being made all with their own unique number it is something a true elite vaper would like to show off in their collection meaning business , Ive not been able to physically use this but had to add something so eye catching for those who didn't know about it.

Wotofo Elderdragon Rda

This is a single build rda which I found quite fiddly while trying to the fit coil (having big fingers is a downside for this), Once i managed to get it all sorted though bobs your uncle this rda has 4 airholes aligned perfectly to the coil for direct airflow giving you a amazing flavour, This RDA is perfect for every vaper from MTL or DTL, It features a creative design compatible with a range of mods or squonk's and is available in about 6 different colours.

Space Jam 50mls,

If you have been vaping the last few years then you may have heard of this brand and their back!, Keeping the traditional 5 flavours they have also added another 6 to the list without disappointment the flavours are spot to descriptions with a range of Tobaccos, Ice-creams, Multiple Fruit choices, Desserts and Lemonades they have covered most corners to suit every vapers need here and beyond.

El Diablo Eliquid

I first tried these about two years ago,the Vanilla lime cupcake was my first back when I had my Kanger subtank and tpd wasn't a issue I would fill up my 5ml tank enjoying every inhale taken, moving forward a few years I'am still partial to having the odd bottle because with this brand the flavour seems to get better with each bottle you have it never tastes bland,Also having a sweet strawberry cream sugar that is awesome.

Flavours available range from your Berries,Fruit sponges,Berry menthols,Tropical fruits and Sweet vapes.

Also come in a 50/50 and High vg version.

Vzone Preco Tank

Well what can i say about these disposable tanks?, Well they are great, I'am not much of a tank person now I'am more of a rda guy but I always have some of these in my bag as you never know when your coil will burn out which is where these are the handy goto tank being lightweight plastic its robust with a built in coil that could beat some others out there, It will fit nicely on any mod and serves it purpose not only as a save you tank but also as a everyday tank, These are a must buy n try tank.

Available in two colours and come in packs of 3.

Chubby Gorilla Unicorn Bottles,

If your into making your own eliquid or need a empty bottle to mix your shortfills these are the ones you need, Like some of us may have experienced with the top popping while trying to fill our tanks or drip the rda leaving us and everything else around covered in eliquid this wont happen when you have one of these, Their so reliable that even the bigger brands are using these trust worthy bottles in manufacturing so if you want to save juice these are a good purchase.

Ohm Brew Nic Salts

Welcome these great tasting salts to the market, With strengths from 3mg-18mg these salts are perfect for a wide range of kits giving you a spot on flavour and throat hit that you need,Having a 50/50 ratio it keeps your coils going longer so you can enjoy the taste with a choice from Menthols, Coffee's, Fizzy drinks, Bubblegums, Berries, Custards and Tobaccos produced by Ohm Brew.

Double Drip

Hitting the market a few years ago these took not just myself but many vapers by shock, Like many brands they have managed to get the flavour as close as possible giving you a quality eliquid at a good price, Making it better they are also available in 50ml shortfills so you can carry one big bottle of your favourite juice at your own nic strength and in 10ml salts at 10mg or 20mg , Their flavours extend from Candy, Sherbets, Fruit Menthols, Ice creams and Desserts,

Mine being the Raspberry sherbet or Strawberry/Banana.

Jack Rabbit Vapes

I first got these in a 3x10ml pack about a 18months ago I had a choice between a Succulent strawberry or a Banoffee pie back then and Iam glad I picked them both up as they have led me to trying the other four flavours made by this range (6 in total), From a standard sugary strawberry, to the sweet buttery banana toffee dessert who ever is cooking these up is in the right job, Now available you can get a light Mandarin cheesecake in-which I got through one bottle in 24hrs as I couldn't put it down, To a fresh baked blueberry muffin doughnut which leave your taste buds in a sweet mix (Blueberry duffin) other flavours are a Raspberry white choc cookie and Rio.

Available in 50ml and nic salts.

WFFL E-Liquid

Here we have four amazing flavours each one possibly being a all day vape, To start we have the Almond & caramel a sweet caramel almond on inhale with a fresh baked waffle on exhale this is one for the nutty lovers some nut eliquids can be harsh but this mix is blended very well, Next is Blueberry tasting like you have just baked some fresh waffles and covered in blueberries from your garden I get it all on inhale and exhale, Lemon curd now I didn't really find this a great choice in the morning once woke but come the afternoon vaping this is like having a sneaky treat without sharing inhale gives you a syrup waffle and a zesty lemon on exhale, Strawberry & cream this is like getting a fully layered stack of waffles with cream between each layer and fresh picked strawberries sitting on top I enjoyed this one the most.

Zeus juice review coming soon

The Sweet Stuff- Review coming soon.

The Milkman Delights- Review coming soon

Glas Basix Nic Salts- Review coming soon

Uwell Caliburn Kit- Review coming soon

Harmony Cbd Eliquid Review coming soon

Ki Vape Device

Here we have a nice little pod device, I was given this from a close friend to give a go along with two pre-filled pods (how they come), At first i was really worried as they are a 50mg but to my surprise they are relatively smooth, my first choice was the Kreme flavour which tastes like a smooth hint of vanilla cream, The second pod was a Tobacco flavour which compared to some other brands on the market i could actually bare to vape all day, The kit itself is rechargeable and is so discreet it is hidden in a clenched fist, It comes with a fixed air flow but is 100% suited for the pods, A great little kit.

Other flavours include a menthol which i was unable to try.

Spare Vape Tank Pyrex glass , Since the tpd law introduced a few years back many of us have had to put up with the regulated 2ml tanks but now available in multiple stores both on the highstreet or online vapers are available to buy bigger glass for brands going like Aspire,Smok and more, So we may get through more eliquid but we can last longer in between fills .. Happy Days.

Ive seen 3.5ml-5ml options available.

Ilove-Madhatter Eliquid,

Recently released onto the market we now have the fabulous Madhatter eliquids 70vg, I Love Donuts, Cookies, Taffy. With 3 amazing flavours these sweet juices are worth ago if not already, We have Cookies- A fresh oven baked cookie with a rich dough savouring in the mouth both on inhale and exhale (This ones my favourite), Donuts- I get a fresh sweet warm blueberry taste from this which after vaping wants me to visit a donut shop for the real thing, Then Taffy- A lovely sweet cream with a undertone of peaches.

Also available in 3x10ml packs aswell as Shortfills.

Rincoe 80w Mesh Kit.

I got one of these about 3 days ago to test for a friend and I might actually keep it (if he lets me), Its a single 18650 tube mod with a large firing button, two buttons lower down for adjusting temp/watts and a small screen for battery life and wattage also on the reverse is a charging port incase you don't have spare batteries on you, The tank is a nice sleek design boasting the mesh coils and bubble glass to suit, it has bottom air flow plus a sliding top for easy refill, The whole kit is made from metal but don't let this put you off its not to weighty and feels nice in hand.

Rincoe 228w Mechman Kit, Here we have another Rincoe Kit this being a high wattage device taking dual 18650 batteries features a large firing button on the side sitting above the display screen and function buttons, Rincoe have made many designs with this mod reaching out to everyones taste from the straight through colours to the flags,camo and a wolf, They have also managed to keep the mod light in the hand plus comfy once tank and batteries fitted, with a strong look to fit, it comes with the Mechman Mesh tank which also features bottom air flow giving great cloud production and taste

Mod has multiple safety features and panels/stickers are changeable.

Bubbleworx Eliquid,

If you like your bubblegum eliquids you have to add these to your list with a Original,Blue Raspberry,Strawberry and Spearmint bubblegums available this brand have got 4 amazing flavours, All are spot on with taste also producing great clouds, Each sf gives room to add a nicotine shot too,

Available in 25ml or 100ml bottles.