Online Portfolio

Welcome to my online portfolio!

You can find my navigation located at the top of this page to navigate within interactive snapshots of some of the work I have contributed to social media and Microsoft Advertising's launch for support using social media (beginning with Twitter) on July 6, 2016. I launched this program in North America for Microsoft Advertising. The snips you see are all posts that I approved or help to craft during our first quarter of launching this project. There are several other internal documents and processes that I helped to launch for this program.

The next two page of this portfolio I also includes a few of the documents that I have created (that are owned by me and I can share) which are a few examples of the one-sheeters that I have produced to assist agents while helping advertisers set-up and optimize their search and shopping campaigns. I have also produced documents to assist with online advertising tools (both online and offline) to assist in further online marketing strategies with a focus on KPIs (both historical and future performance patterns) and common troubleshooting steps for common issues.

The next page at the top includes a few of my advertising papers and projects that I have created during my studies at Saint Leo University, which will show that with my degree in psychology, that I want to use it specifically for a role in account management with a focus in consumer behavior. I have other papers as well that are not related to the online advertising space but more around psychology of motivation and psychology of sensation and perception that are other important factors that can also influence consumer behavior (accessibility options to convert for those that have certain disabilities and make completing a conversion that much easier). Additionally, I have earned my MBA with a focus in Marketing Research and Social Media Analytics. A win-win for everyone!