West Point Grey Community Centre

Program Details

Clinic Day: Sunday

Clinic Time: 9:15 AM

Meeting Spot: Dining Room

Programs Offered:

  • LearnToRun10K
  • RunWalk10K
  • Run10KStronger
  • Walk10K

Registration Link: https://ca.apm.activecommunities.com/vancouver/Activity_Search/sun-run-training-clinic/197618

Location Address: 4397 W 2nd Avenue, Vancouver

Meet your Clinic Coordinator!

Clinic Coordinators: Isobel & Faride

About Faride: I'm originally from Ecuador, I moved to Vancouver 17 years ago and from the day that I placed a foot in this city I knew I was going to stay. I was always involved in sports, but my love for running started 9 years ago when I had my second child and was finishing grad school; I wanted some time for myself to relax and found that running give me that feeling.

How long have you been involved with the InTraining Program? This is my 6th year as a leader and I did two years as participant.

What is your favourite InTraining memory? During my third year of running, my daughter joined as participant and we both pushed and support each other.

Favourite place to run/walk? I feel we have the best location for our clinic. We run the Jericho/Spanish Banks beach trail.

What can participants look forward to this year with the Trout Lake group? I think the best adjective to describe us is supportive. We are a small clinic that takes care of each participant and try to accommodate the different levels of fitness. We look forward to each week to see each other and catch up and enjoy our run.

What participants have to say about the InTraining Program at West Point Grey Community Centre:

"I was pleased with my progress and with the Leaders of the Run10KStronger program. It was a positive experience, and results from the program definitely showed when I completed the Vancouver Sun Run for the very first time!" - Janet, Participant

"The leaders are SO friendly, accessible, motivated, and willing to help in any way! I felt very taken care of over the course of the program!" - Suzanne, Participant

"Faride is so enthusiastic about the program, she recruits leaders, participants and encourages them to join. She will help any group: Run Stronger, Learn to Run and Walkers. As a leader, she has a smile that never stops, she encourages her co-leaders and participants. She is a great advocate for SportMedBC InTraining Program" - West Point Grey Participant

West Point Grey participants enjoying a well-deserved snack after their training session!