Sitka Physio & Wellness

Program Details

Clinic Day: Wednesday

Clinic Time: 5:45 PM

Meeting Spot: Main Lobby/Reception

Programs Offered:

  • LearnToRun10K
  • RunWalk10K
  • Run10KStronger

Registration Link:

Location Address: #12 - 900 W Georgia Street, Vancouver

Meet your Clinic Coordinator!

Clinic Coordinator: Carla Stobbe

More Information Coming Soon!

What people have to say about the Sitka Physio & Wellness Group:

"This is my first time doing the InTraining program, and it has been a great experience in large part because of Melissa (volunteer leader). She is one of the most positive, energetic people I have ever met, and I always feel supported during my runs. She always has great advice, and is so patient with my turtle-pace progress in the group. While all of the clinic leaders have been fantastic, Melissa stands out for her glowing personality and dedication. Somewhat unrelated, but she also has the most impressive tolerance for cold of anyone I have ever met! She runs in shorts and a t-shirt in 3 degree celsius weather! She might actually be a cyborg." - Sitka Physio & Wellness Participant

"The best part of this program are the participants. Watching them stick to a goal and go from the one minute run to forty is so satisfying!" - Sitka Physio & Wellness Leader