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What should people expect on their first visit to Vancouver Naturopathic Clinic?

Ultimately what people come to expect is a clinical experience unlike anything you have likely ever had before.

People walk in the door of our Vancouver naturopathic clinic and there’s a sense of often for people and I know this because they tell me this, it’s just not me observing and saying how it is, is this since that they are home. They come in and they without understanding consciously at the time they’ll say to me I somehow just felt at ease I felt heard I felt a shift that I couldn’t quite put my finger on, yes we have an incredibly beautiful space physically we’re in a gorgeous little heritage house is the only clinic of its style here in Vancouver and it on itself has this very unique presence. I think there really is just a sense of belonging when people come into our Vancouver naturopathic clinic space that they are excepted that they are heard the feeling at home and because of that their nervous system quite quickly shifts into the parasympathetic which is where the body heals.

There’s something about the space and yes we have done a lot to support that energy in this Vancouver naturopathic clinic house we very carefully choose our staff and our clinicians people that best as possible or just open and excepting with really good boundaries that can hold space for themselves and hold space for others to show up in their authentic way. So when people are ready to play the game at that level to just show up with themselves and feel safe to do so they can make incredible change with very little bit of effort.

Dr. Martha Reid Naturopathic Doctor Vancouver

Dr. Martha Reid
Vancouver Naturopathic Doctor

An award winning Dr. Martha Reid Naturopathic Doctor Vancouver, provides exceptional care to all who enter her space. Martha marries a keen understanding of biochemistry, physiology and science with the need for joy, fulfillment and spirit so that her patients walk out healthier and happier than when they arrived. Every single time.

As a former bartender, she listens without judgement. She gives you the freedom to be exactly who and how you are. Which means, you get to have your cake and eat it too. She’ll just tell you how to make it that much healthier! There’s a crucial moment when working with her patients that Dr. Reid know she’s done her job. And it sounds like this: “Wow! You totally get me!”,%20Vancouver%20BC%20V6E%201X3,%20Canada&ll=49.2804384,-123.1307891,1-6046881169,Alternative-Medicine-Practitioner,Vancouver,CA861467.html