Greetings from ValueData Technologies! Connecting after a while. Here’s a summary of our solution offerings. Let us know your areas of interest.

We focus on Data Management solutions to bring “Data to Value” by securing data on endpoints, secure endpoints access to the servers and manage enterprise “Golden copy” whether it is on premise or in the cloud.

Our Data Virtualization for Test Data Management and Data Quality for Master Data Management solutions helps reduce hardware, software and operational expenses while eliminating systems complexity and increasing data security to enable stronger data governance. We have successfully completed multiple and complex BCP/DR projects with 100% customer satisfaction.

At ValueData Technologies, we propose the following Data Management solutions:

      1. High Availability and Disaster Recovery: Syncsort-Vision-MIMIX, Carbonite-Double-Take
      2. Backup, Disaster Recovery and Test Data Management: Actifio
      3. Automated DR Testing: EnsureDR
      4. Cross platform database replication: MIMIX Share
      5. Data Quality, Deduplication: Trillium
      6. Data Integration and Consolidation: DMX, DMX-h
      7. Data Security and Compliance: Assure Security
      8. IT Operational Analytics and IT Services Intelligence: Ironstream
      9. Endpoint Protection and Security: Carbonite EP, Digital Immunity
      10. Data convergence and Big Data workload: MapR
      11. Network / Application Performance Monitoring: Accedian
      12. Secure External Access for Remote workers with highest French Security Standard: Systancia
      13. Cloud Storage, Self-Destruct Email, Secure Chat & Video with the highest Privacy Standard based in Switzerland: GlobeX Data
      14. Tape migration and Tape to Disk: Services
      15. Secure Data Elimination Systems for data privacy and compliance: Fractalio - Garner

Solution details available at our microsite and our company website! For requirements feel free to contact us.