The Maze Challenge

What is the Maze Challenge?

The maze challenge is a challenge in which the robot has to navigate through a maze. It does this by turning left every time it hits a wall.

What is the Goal of the Maze Challenge?

The goal of the maze challenge is to make it to two of the stop tiles without colliding into the walls and crashing.

What were the Problems During this Challenge?

The problems of this project are very few, considering we only had a week to work on it. The first problem was that when I tried to use the ultrasonic sensor, it didn't really detect one wall-it detected all of them and gave many readings. Another problem was that the robot kept getting stuck in an area. This happened several times. The last problem was that the robot sometimes hit walls and crashed, but other times it did not.

What were the Solutions of this Challenge?

The solutions of the project are that for the ultrasonic sensor, I changed it and used the touch sensor instead. The second solution was that I adjusted the maze so that the bot would not get stuck. And I did not solve the last problem.

What were some Interesting Technical Facts?

Some interesting technical facts are that I used the touch sensor to detect when it hits a wall instead of using an ultrasonic sensor. At first glance, an ultrasonic sensor seems to be the best choice. But when you actually try to detect walls on the mazae, it doesn't work. I had to use the touch sensor, but this led to a minor drawback. The drawback was that the robot had to hit the wall before turing. Also, another techincal fact is that the code is very simple. You just have to do a touch sensor detection and a turn. But the main problem is that you need to do a lot of testing with the touch sensor.

What was the Duration of this Project, and What do you Want to do in the Future?

This project took 10 weeks. This is because for the first nine weeks, we learned some things like motor encoders and pen drawing robots. But for the second last week, we actually worked on the project but on the last week we did the presentation. However, although the ultrasonic sensor did not work, I am curious to learn if it could. If it works, then it would work tremendously better than the touch sensor, because it would be able to detect the walls and not hit them.

About Me

I live in Morganville, NJ. I am a fifth grader from Frank Defino Central Elementary school. I like reading, programming and playing games. I am moving into middle school in September of 2020.

My Code

#pragma config(StandardModel, "RVW Mammalbot")

//*!!Code automatically generated by 'ROBOTC' configuration wizard !!*//

void check(){

while(SensorValue[S1]== 0){

motor[motorB] = 40;

motor[motorC] = 40;


motor[motorB] = -40;

motor[motorC] = -40;



while(nMotorEncoder[motorB] <= 155){

motor[motorB] = 40;

motor[motorC] = -40;




task main(){