The History of V&T, as told by OG Vagabond, Willy:

"Vagabonds & Tagalongs is a collection of friends from around the country who owe their relationships to Burning Man. In 2012, we were 20 people, groups of 1-3, strangers brought together via ePlaya and /r/burningman. Only two of us had made previous pilgrimages to the playa, Fargonaut, one of the North Dakota regional contacts, and myself.

From my first year in 2008, I knew that I had found a community that I could embrace and evolve within. But my first three years, spectacular as they were, still felt incomplete. And it wasn't until Vagabonds & Tagalongs grew together that I realized what I had been lacking. The comradery of a sports team, the creative release of a long honed craft, the bloomings of love, fulfilment from lending a hand to someone in need, and a close-knit group with which to share knowing smiles as your eyes dart to meet each other's in moments of mutual exhilaration that only you could understand.

Having found these incredible gifts within and around Burning Man, I feel immeasurably blessed. And I know that the vast majority of the Vagabonds would say the same. It is with this gratitude that we strive to provide even a slice of our joy and wonderment with our fellow burners, so that others have the chance to tap into the inspiration they may not even know they're missing."