Camp Roster

Planning Team

Lana Boy

This is my 4th burn. Been lucky to always been a part of build week and actually prefer it than the burn week itself. I’m a unicorn, and if you believe in me, I’ll believe in you ♡ My fav burn moment is watching your faces when the man burns fire

My moral is: butt stuff.


This will be my 4th consecutive burn with Vags & Tags and my second year participating as Treasurer. I love joining in all the camp events, the spontaneity of Burning Man, and cat calling all those who pass by our camp to come join our camp shenanigans. I make butt stuff; let's talk about it.

Jason aka Cat

My second burn, first year helping with the build. Proud to be the official walnut farmer of burning man. Life moral: “all you can take with you is that which you’ve given away”


I've been burning so long my name is what people write on the postcard they put in our mailbox when they need an exorcism at their camp. "You're dead bro, the burns over" usually does the trick, FYI. I'm OG V&T but also a regional rep, hit me up for burning man lore, state of the current culture, and any general newbie questions. I used to do tech support so trust me, no question is too stupid, just ask. I am the guy who made that video.


I'm Willy. I started this shit (with everyone else). I think I organize things and point at where shit goes. I feed off the joy of virgins to keep from getting too jaded, so let's hang out so I can see you get all overwhelmed by novelty.


This will be my 5th burn, and also 5th burn with VagTags. My favorite times at the burn are when we set off for expeditions at sunset and cuddle puddles at sunrise, but nothing beats the camaraderie and energy of build time. Generally chill


This is my 7th consectutive burn, 7th year with with V&T. The words "best hugs on playa" may have been thrown around. I love the kindess and bamfness of our camp, sunrises by the trash fence and the perpetual shitshow that is Burning Man (and V&T).


I’m Josh, and this’ll be my second burn.

I love building things, and my favorite thing about V&T is the teamwork and camaraderie between very different people from all over the country.


I’m Emily. I’m an OG VagTag and this is my 4th burn, all with our camp because this camp is best camp. I love burning man because I can be my truest self and my truest self is a total asshole. But even more because of this random ass beautiful family that I am in love with. Cash me yelling at you through a megaphone or insulting strangers in the streetz.

Kelly aka Chartreuse

Hi I'm Kelly! I'm one of the founders of this lovely, crazy place. I'm so excited to be co-chairing the membership team to welcome all the new folks in and help everyone love this place as much as I do. My life motto is "you don't grow in your comfort zone" because, well, you don't.

Spencer aka Party Monsta

I'm Spencer. I'm an OG VagTag and this will be my 7th burn. I wear outrageous colorful outfits, go super saiyan on the dance floor, and spend a lot of time spinning LED + Fire props. Cash me outside for some trippy visuals.

I love V&T and all the people who have helped to grow it from a janky noob camp into the amazing community it is today.

Dada aka Wolf Pup

Hi I am Dada or Wolf pup, this is my 5th burn, and I run one of the oldest and most established Compliments and insults booths in the Playa, I love bringing interactive megalomaniac things to the playa that dont work 85% of the time. You can find me heckling on a disco megaphone(prob with Emily) or trying to zip tie moop to your drunk dusty ass. I will spank you with your consent, sometimes I make strippers cry. But its all in the name of good godly dusty fun.