Camp Philosophy

What We're All About

Here at Vags & Tags, we believe in the expression of the individual within our family of weirdos. We are a mixed bag of interests, backgrounds, and personalities- seemingly one big group of misfits. We've created an internal culture that celebrates and enables our differences, facilitating and environment which allows every person to thrive, explore, and express their individuality in the way that suits them best.

At the same time, we cherish the connection and communal aspect of our camp. We expect every member to participate in maintaining and improving the community we share. We find that those who invest their energy into camp gain a lot more from it, and when we all participate, we all come closer together.

Contributing doesn't mean you have to be an expert veteran burner, or build a major art installation (though if you did that would be awesome!). Members can contribute by helping with camp chores, assisting with camp events, sharing snacks, or just taking the time to be a part of the community. If you want a plug n play camp, or just a place to drop your stuff and disappear for the week, there are camps for that. We are not one of those camps.