Joining Our Camp

So you want to become one of us? Stay tuned for 2018 membership guidelines.

Generally speaking, we are a very open camp and don't have a hard cap on members. However, we do want to make sure everyone in camp understands our expectations, and wants to share the type of experience we all create together. Here are a few things to know:

  • V&T is more than just a place to lay your tent, we are a community. We depend on all members to help with camp set up, maintenance, and tear down throughout their stay on the playa.
  • We know everyone wants to burn their own way, and we won't always be together all the time. However, we do want everyone to feel like a part of the camp. That means we shouldn't reach the end of the week and not know whether or not someone is part of our camp or just visiting. Come hang out in the common areas and get to know people other than those you came with!
  • We do collect camp dues to help cover costs for communal benefit. Dues help with things like shade, infrastructure, grey water disposal, and storage which all help campers have a better experience (and help us maintain our theme camp status). When it comes to dues we, believe in transparency and shared decision making. The treasurer keeps detailed records of camp costs, and our planning committee tries to gather input from the camp as much as possible.
  • We are awesome. V&T is full of amazing, loving, unique people. Want to be awesome with us?