Vagabonds & Tagalongs


You've landed on the digital home-base for Vagabonds and Tagalongs.

We are a Burning Man camp full of kick-ass friends, wanderers, and misfits who miraculously found each other in this crazy desert world.

A Home for the Wanderers- Wicked, Wacky, and Wild

Vagabonds and Tagalongs was founded in 2012 after a group of strangers from the internet decided, "I don't know what I'm doing. You don't know what you're doing. Want to not know what we're doing together?"

We revel in our odd-ball misfit nature, that focuses on letting every individual shine and contribute in their own unique way. When asked "what is the theme of your theme camp," it can be hard to give a simple answer.

We consider our eclectic odds and ends approach itself to be the common theme that unites us.