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Screenshot of a lecture by Prof. Peter Howie

Launch of two online courses for TIIAME PhD students and lecturers

In January 2021, in the framework of the Lab the following two courses have been initiated:

  1. Applied Econometrics by lecturers from the Westminster International University in Tashkent. More details about the course can be found here.

  2. Natural Resource Management and Economics by lecturers from the Nazarbayev University. More details about the course can be found here.

The courses will be offered online once a week until the end of July 2021.

Screenshot of Introductiry slide to the course.

Online workshop on organization of distance training of TIIAME PhDs and lecturers

On 15 January 2021, the Lab researchers along with TIIAME PhD students and lecturers participated in the online Zoom seminar, The objective of the seminaar was to provide detailed information about five online courses to be organized in the framework of the Lab in 2020, namely:

  1. Applied Econometrics

  2. Natural Resource Management and Economics

  3. Advanced Research Methods in Interdisciplinary Studies

  4. Economics of Agricultural Innovations and Technology Adoption

  5. Academic Writing and Publishing in Peer-Reviewed Journals

Screenshot of slides of Introductory lecture

Online course on Academic Writing and Publishing in Peer-Reviewed Journals

In October 2020, the lab researchers participated in a six-session an online course to improve skills in structuring and writing a research paper. The course objective was to train Ph.D. students and provide them practical tips in developing scientific papers for publishing in peer-reviewed journals. Over the 6 sessions the participants learned and practiced their skills in developing a convincing story, organizing a writing process, and structuring a publishable manuscript. The participants were also guided through the rules of good scientific practice.

Study on behavioral insights on farmer’s cooperation presented in Online Seminars

On 15 July 2020, a study based on the theories and methods used in the lab was presented at the Virtual Seminars on Applied Economics and Policy Analysis in Central Asia. More information about the seminars can be found here.

The PPT slides are available here.

Recorded webinar is available via the following link on YouTube

Uzbekistan's Deputy Minister of Innovation (3rd from right) visiting IAMO © IAMO

The Lab idea presented to the high-ranking visitors from Uzbekistan

On 27 January2020, the Deputy Minister of Innovation in Uzbekistan Karsten Heinz visited IAMO. The meeting aimed at learning about IAMO's ongoing activities in Uzbekistan and discussing potential options for cooperation. The Experimental economics lab was presented among other IAMO cooperation projects. More information about the visit can be read here.

Lecture on Induced innovations by Dr. Djanibekov

Training course on Economics of Technology adoptions for PhD students

On 29 July - 2 August 2019, IAMO researchers provided a training course on the Economics of Technology Adoption. The combination of economic theories was chosen to equip participants with skills for studying technology adoption in agriculture, expanding research frontiers, analyzing interactions between technology and society to identify relevant options for agricultural modernization. The course gathered 17 PhD students from TIIAME, Tashkent State Agrarian University, Tashkent State University of Economics, and PhD students of the SUSADICA Graduate School. Some highlights of the course are in the photos.

Participants of the academic symposium on Sustainable Agricultural Development in Central Asia © IAMO

Academic symposium on Sustainable Agricultural Development in Central Asia

On 27 May 2019, an academic symposium was organized by TIIAME. The second half of the event was dedicated to the introduction of the lab project. The researchers from IAMO are contributing to the establishment of the lab in TIIAME. The lab will benefit from cooperation with the SUSADICA doctoral programme in terms of implementation of trainings and discussion seminars. More about the event can be read here.