Trip leader subsidy

The UW Outers Club relies on its members and volunteers to run trips. To encourage members to organize and participate in trips, we provide a subsidy for trip leaders.

For questions about the subsidy or about organizing trips, contact the executives at You are also welcome to suggest maps, guide books, and similar resources to be added to our library to help with the planning of your trip.

Eligibility requirements

  • The trip must be open to all member in good standing with the skills and experience required for the trip. However, a maximum number of participants may be set and spots are filled on a first come, first serve basis (usually determined by the receipt of the registration deposit at the trip leader).
  • The trip must be announced to all club members. In general this should happen at least a week before the departure date.
  • A trip report and receipts have to be handed in after the trip.


  1. Announce the trip to club members and the exec team:
    1. Fill in the application form.
    2. Create an event in the UW Outers Club Facebook group.
  2. Keep all receipts for transportation, accommodation, etc. during the trip.
  3. Fill in the reimbursement form.
  4. Hand in the receipts and pick up your reimbursement during equipment room hours. Reimbursement will be done in cash for amounts less than $50, otherwise in cheque.

Subsidy amount

The subsidy is determined by the lowest of:

  • $5 per member (except trip leader) participating in the trip.
  • The average cost per participant.
  • The actual cost of the trip for the trip leader.

The UW Outers Club executives have the final say in all decisions regarding subsidies.