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"Changing the way you look at the world!"

Introducing Mappi. Goal: $25,000

GPS is and has been a revolutionary technology, allowing users to track current position almost anywhere in the world. It has allowed for real-time navigation as well as progress tracking, a concept entirely unavailable before its advent. The technology, however, has its limitations. GPS-enabled devices must be able to triangulate via connection to a minimum of three GPS satellites. The obvious issue with this requirement is in areas where satellite connection cannot be secured, GPS does not work.

Fortunately, a new advent in computer science have given a second option for position tracking and mapping in radio-silent areas--3D imaging technology. With 3D imaging, a computer can process the environment around it and recreate a simplified model in real time, allowing the user not only to be able to track their position (relative to a local origin) without GPS, but also map the environment in the process. Our project proposes to create such a device, either handheld or body-mounted, for the purpose of mapping and navigating in environments not suitable to satellite connection.

We envision the base version of Mappi to be no larger than a standard camera that comes with a tri-pod. The user will mount Mappi upon the tri-pod, activate the room mapping technology, and receive the layout of the room. He/She can then progress through additional rooms and slowly create a comprehensive map of the local area as they move. If further stretch goals are realized, we will have continuous mapping versions that are easily mounted on wearables such as hats or helmets to allow users to naturally walk around and map their surroundings as they travel. In addition to viewing the map through a small screen built into Mappi units, users can also download that data onto a standard SD card and upload the information onto their computer of choice.

Thank you so much. We could never achieve these goals without your support!

Use Cases

We see our product being commonly used in disaster relief situations to scan building interiors and plot routes around impassable rubble. Data from multiple users can then be integrated together to create a large, comprehensive map of a local area. Another use case is for those interested in caving or exploring ruins. Our device allows individuals to explore vast catacombs without fear of getting lost by generating a map in real time for the user to follow back to their starting point.

Stretch Goal: $50,000

Thank you so much for your support! With $50,000 we are aiming to include 3D mapping capabilities in addition to the base 2D mapping functions. This would expand the number of potential users in a wide variety of ways.

Stretch Stretch Goal: $100,000

Thank you so much! We never would have gotten this far without your support! With $100,000 we are aiming to expand our Mappi units to be integrated on a wide variety of wearable including hats, helmets, etc. in addition to the base tri-pod model. All backers Platinum level and above will receive all versions of the wearables we develop.

Risks and Challenges

We understand that accuracy and reliability is key to using Mappi. Therefore, the only risk is a delay in backers receiving our product to ensure that each individual person receives a unit of the highest quality and reliability. Other than that, if we reach our funding goals, Mappi is a go!

Quality Guaranteed

If users do receive a defective unit, please message us with details about the technical issues and we will send a replacement within two weeks of receiving the message.

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Bronze Level: Receive a T-shirt, tri-pod for Mappi, and any wearable clothing that we develop. This does NOT include a Mappi unit itself. You will also receive a shout out of your name on our website.

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Silver Level: In addition to all bronze level rewards, you will receive all design documentation so you can make your very own Mappi!

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Platinum Level: In addition to all bronze level rewards, you will receive your very own Mappi unit! All design documentation will also be included.

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Mappi Best Friend: Thank you so much for your support! In addition to multiple T-shirts and accessories, a huge shout out on our website, THREE Mappi units, and all design documentation; you will have the highest priority in shipping so you will receive your Mappi units the quickest out of all backers.

Updates So Far!


As we move on past the prototyping stage, we're drafting up ideas of what the finalized base could look like. You can see some of our results at the right.

The brains of our device--the Raspberry Pi-- can be seen inside the shell on which the LIDAR distance sensor rests. Many of the ports to the Pi are covered as they will not be necessary for the operation of Mappi.

Additional changes to the design we are still considering are adding a button on the outside to allow for simple start/stop recording action; nonetheless, expect Mappi to look very similar to this upon delivery.

In addition to finalizing our device design, we have begun successfully collecting data with the LIDAR distance sensor attached to Mappi. The gif below shows the system detecting walls inside our testing facility.