Youth Club (K-8)

MYWA (Michigan Youth Wrestling Association) - K-8


Youth CLub Status:

  • Looking forward to starting back up in the fall 2021.

Junior High Team Status:

  • Normal JHS for our area runs from Beginning of February - end of March.

Hart m.S. Eagle Invitational medalists

Jack Burnham

2nd place 155lbs

Mike and Thad

Mike - 3rd Place 130lbs

Thad - Champion 135lbs

Ryan Plante

2nd Place 171lbs

Our mission is to develop student athletes who practice good sportsmanship, who are solid citizens inside and outside of the classroom, and who become competitive life long learners encompassing a hard working attitude in all they do.

The Utica Wrestling Club is a fun program for kids who want to learn or improve their wrestling skills. No wrestling experience is necessary. We believe wrestling is one of the greatest sports there is for helping young kids build character, develop self-confidence, improve self-discipline, and strengthen their will to succeed. We hope to give all of our wrestlers a solid foundation in the basics of wrestling, so as to prepare them for competition. Physically, wrestlers will increase their conditioning, balance, flexibility, strength and self-confidence. This makes wrestling one of the best things an active youth can do to improve overall athleticism. Most of all we want all wrestlers to have fun and enjoy what they are doing.

Next Level Attitude!

The ultimate goal is to prepare these young athletes for a successful high school career as a competitive athlete while setting high academic standards, who may have the desire to take their wrestling and education further.

Wrestling practices will occur twice a week starting at the beginning in November and go through mid February. Practices will be held in the Utica High School wrestling room.

Contact Coach Clinton Davis

wilmer billberg

MYWA Future Stars State Champion

6th grade 105lbs weight class.

Pictured with youth club coach Avery Fluet

our youth structure

Our philosophy strives to encourage a strong background in wrestling before moving into competition. K-5 grade aged kids should be learning the basics of body control, building strength, and wrestling movements. We start to shift to a competitive nature when athletes are of middle school age (6-8 grades). At this point we shift focus to being a MHSAA school based club team out of Eppler Junior High. They get a basis for competing in wrestling and also incorporate the team structure of wrestling competition. We want to see our athletes strive for competitive success as a high school wrestling TEAM!