March 15-19, 2021

Harmony-UTD Virtual Spring Break Camps

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5 days of engaging camps to explore Coding & Biology!

The goal of these camps is to provide an opportunity for all the students of Harmony Charter Schools to get exposed to the world of software development & pre-medical biology curriculum.

Registration for Camps:

Review the listing of all the camps below - pay attention to the timing and pre-requisites. You can also visit Camp Descriptions tab to see the detailed descriptions, setup details and the sample camp agendas. When a camp has a pre-requisite, We do not recommend taking a camp & its pre-requisite camp together - you can take the pre-requisite camp now, take the second camp in the next break. Also, after completing the camps for the camper's grade level, it is OK to sign up for the higher grades' camps if the camper feels confident to advance and try them out. There is no approval needed to do so. Also, since these camps are fast-paced & it is easy to forget the details after a few months, some campers may find it useful to repeat the camps, even the ones for lower grade levels. There is no need to race to reach the top - we prefer each student to progress in his/her own pace & enjoy the camp content.

We will use a Google form to complete the registration (Registration site will be closed on Monday, March 8th). As part of the registration, you need to visit UTD payment site to pay the camp fees ($10 for one camp & $20 for two camps). Once you get the confirmation email from the Google form, your registration is complete! Email if you encounter any issues.

Due to the deep discounted fees, all the camp fee payments are non-refundable. However, you can transfer to another camp for FREE. You can click on a link in the confirmation email to change your camps if you change your mind - you can also email If you completed the registration for one camp first & decided to add a second camp later, make a new registration.

Morning Camps for Grades K-2 (10am - 11am)

Explore Coding with

Pre-requisite: None

Afternoon Camps for Grades K-2 (2-3pm)

Hour of Code projects (2-3pm)

Pre-requisite: None

Morning Camps for Grades 3-5 (10am - 12 noon)

Animation with Scratch

Pre-requisite: None

Math & Scratch

MIT Scratch

Afternoon Camps for Grades 3-5 (2-4pm)

Light up Coding with Microbit

Pre-requisite: None

Advanced Scratch

Pre-requisite: MIT Scratch

Morning Camps for Grades 6-8 (10am-1pm)

3D Animations with Alice (PC or Mac needed)

Pre-requisite: None

Bring Math to Life! (Scratch & JavaScript)

Pre-requisite: None

Afternoon Camps for Grades 6-8 (2-5pm)

Drawings & Animations with JavaScript

Pre-requisite: Alice

Morning Camps for Grades 9-12 (10am-1pm)

Java Basics (IF statements, loops & methods)

Pre-requisite: JavaScript

Afternoon Camps for Grades 9-12 (2-5 pm)

Python Basics
(IF statements, loops & functions)

Pre-requisite: JavaScript

Pre-Health Biology camp (2-4pm)

Pre-requisite: None

Interaction with Professionals:
All campers are welcome to attend!

Dr. Leyla Nourian

Nourian Dental

March 17 1-1:30pm

Dr. Molly Martinez Licensed Psychologist, Specialists in OCD & Anxiety Recovery

March 18 1-1:30pm

Questions? Email (Dr. Jey Veerasamy, Director, Center for CS Education & Outreach, The University of Texas at Dallas)