Character Profile & Avatar

UTAU Type: Davloid

Voice Provider: Hurrikane Nexus

Name: Dr. Hai (Dr. はい )

Nickname: Hai

Species: Immortal Human

Gender & Sex: Male

Age: ∞ (Infinite Age), 23 (Biological Age)

Sexual Orientation: Asexual, Aromantic (Does not wish to be with anyone; does not experience sexual or romantic attraction towards anyone)

Weight: 173 lbs (173 Pounds)

Height: 6 Feet, 2 inches

Birthday: July 28th (Dr. Hai doesn't remember his birth year, as it was long ago)

Release Date of First Voicebank: July 12th, 2017

Race/Nationality: Unknown

Character Item: Glass Vial

Likes: Biology, Science, Anything Electricity Related, intimidating songs, Mathematics

Dislikes: Boring people, soda, raisins, being asked is he's gonna get a lover or if he has a lover

Catchphrase: "Want some raisins, Soldier?"


Dr. Hai is a very secretive, humorous and clever guy. He's also very nerdy. He's very awkward and doesn't know how to start a conversation, so whenever someone strikes up a conversation with him, he says his signature catchphrase, "Want some raisins, Soldier?", even though he actually hates raisins and never has any raisins with him.

He doesn't wish to have a lover, and never plans to. So when the question, "When are you gonna get a girlfriend?" or "Do you have a girlfriend?" come up. He always awkwardly changes the subject.

Hai is always studying and learning new things about SilverCross and CopperCross. He does this to learn more information on the neko species and their behavior towards their surroundings.

He loves to play and cuddle with his sons, SilverCross & CopperCross.

Hai never biologically ages. No one knows this other than his parents, SilverCross (His youngest son) & CopperCross (His oldest son). His parents died over 1000 years ago. So he's forced and was always forced to adapt to his surroundings. He chose to become a scientist when the opportunity came up to him so that he could research and have a better, full understanding of the world he lives in, the possibilities for it, and the changes that occur in it. SilverCross and CopperCross keep their mouths shut about this.

Hai has nothing left from when he was a child, because he's lost them in various locations throughout the world that are no longer accessible. He has a stuffed bear that his deceased brother gave him, that he lost the bear in a cave that he was exploring, that caved in 5 years after. He was reunited with his bear when his best friend found the bear and returned it to Hai.

Dr. Hai's voice box was damaged so much that he could hardly use it over 100 years ago, and it still hardly functions. So he uses a voice synthesizer hooked up to his headphones that he got shortly after discovering UTAU, that tracks his mouth movements to read then say what he's trying to say. But sometimes the synthesizer malfunctions, or says/reads the incorrect word, so his voice can be really robot-sounding, inaudible or not understandable sometimes. This is why his voicebanks can be really hard to use and understand. The "microphone" attached to his headphones is actually the camera that tracks his mouth movements and the speaker that says what the voice synthesizer is saying.

Dr. Hai is a very expressive person with a backstory that he will never reveal.


Body Type: Lanky and tall

Skin: Pale, white skin

Hair: Black spiky hair with small strands dyed orange (The orange dye is a special formula Hai created that can glow in the dark)

Eyes: Dark red

Clothing: Dark Green trench coat, black wool sweater underneath trench-coat, baggy camouflage pants, dark green short and bulky boots with orange laces

Headset/Headphones: Bulky orange headset with microphone attached

Body Modifications: Tattoo on back of his hand that has a swirly red pattern with the words "SilverCross", "CopperCross" and "Hai" written on it


SilverCross - Youngest Son, Creation, Fellow Davloid

(SilverCross is a science experiment performed by Dr. Hai. More information on this can be found here. Even though SilverCross is technically older than CopperCross, Dr. Hai still reffers to him as his youngest son, because SilverCross is biologically younger than CopperCross)

CopperCross - Oldest son, Creation, Fellow Davloid

(CopperCross is a science experiment performed by Dr. Hai. More information on this can be found here. Even though SilverCross is technically older than CopperCross, Dr. Hai still reffers to CopperCross as his oldest son, because CopperCross is biologically older than SilverCross)

Vitavu - Half-Brother (Same mother, Different father), Fellow Davloid

(Although Vitavu and Dr. Hai are half-brothers, they're still really close brothers and will always fascinate each other)

Capella - Best Friend

(Dr. Hai and Capella became good friends ever since Capella found Dr. Hai's stuffed bear that was lost,and returned it to him. Capella likes to help Hai with his various science experiments and projects. Hai likes to study and examine Capella's species to learn more about it.)


Art by Twins193