Rent – Lease a Llama

We have Llamas for lease!

Daily, Weekends, Weekly

Experienced packers: Rama, Windstar, Kapil, Cloud, Raja

Rates are $150 for 2 Llamas for one day. $350 for two Llamas for 3 days. $500 for 2 Llamas for 1 week.

  • We have suitable trailers to rent at low cost ($50-$250) minimum 2″ ball. Straight connectors for lighting.

  • When reserving llamas we require a 50 % deposit on the llama rental fee. This is non refundable, but should you have to postpone, the credit will be good for a year .

  • Rentals for parties, weddings and/or hiking. You can pick them up yourselves and may be also available with trainers by arrangement.

  • For Movies, Adds etc. Llama are fully experienced. Please call for a commercial quote/ price.

  • If it is for a day only: it's daytime, not overnight.


ccara llama

The label “Ccara” is one of the native South America words or versions of spelling that was used to describe this animal, specifically llamas that were developed through selective breeding over the course of thousands of years for their ability to transport freight over long distances in rugged terrain and at high altitudes. Today many llama packers still utilize and cherish that same tough, high endurance athlete, strong physically and strong mentally, the Ccara Llama. They are admired and must be preserved, but unfortunately over the last 30 years their numbers have continued to dwindle and many of the best representatives of the breed have an alarming concentration of common ancestors. This presents a formidable challenge for those engaged in breeding Ccara Llamas who believe the gene pool should be expanded rather than continuing to shrink. A group of breeders, concerned about the problem recognized the need for a registry to aid in the search for diverse genetics and banded together to form the North American Ccara Association (NACA).

Utah Valley llamas wishes to thank Al & Sondra Ellis of Highline Trail Llamas for making it possible for us to continue this important work of preserving the Ccara gene pool & training these gorgeous llamas for the work they are ;born to.